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I’m new to the forum so not 100% how this works but wanted to present an idea here and see if it could turn into something fun.

First a little background on me; I’m a former math/science teacher at the middle school level, I worked for a bit doing programming workshops for the same age group through the technical museum. After a short interlude at the royal opera working with programming/operating the motors for shows I’m going back to teaching. Now I’m organizing art workshops with some kind of technical angle at a preparatory art school here in stockholm. I have pretty free hands with what I can do. I’m now putting together a workshop during which we’ll be making a stop-motion films. I’m also putting together something similar with the municipality in Nacka. Through the art school I have the chance to set up something on tuesdays and thursdays for about 2-3 hours on both days each week during the fall starting whenever. The workshop/s could really take any form with the only criteria being that it can be linked to visual arts and that i hit a minimum number of participants (8-10), the more the merrier though with an upper limit set at 15 per pedagogue. After speaking with Hampus and Maria I thought I might be able to find people here with skills that could make some interesting workshops possible. Whoever wanted to do a workshop could get paid for the time they spent doing it.

The way I see it working is I’d take care of the pedagogics and administration and be someone who could help form the workshop around whatever skills or ideas somebody is interested in getting out.

I know there’s a ton of necessary information I left out here so feel free to ask any questions even if it’s just something you think somebody else might find useful.

Also, could somebody help me ping people who might be interested in doing something?


First of all: Welcome! So happy you found your way here. I’m Hugi, one of the seed members and founders around here.

I think there plenty!

@jonasjohansson teaches at Beckmans and Hyper Island and does light installations.
@Ollxor used to be at Tekniska Muséet and has run prototyping workshops.
@missChief has taught parametric design as well as 3D modeling in Rhino.
@MariaEuler and @jonasjohansson have talked about an “exploring technology Arduino” workshop
@Simon is a photographer who does intricate digital collage compositions
@LindaNurk has a half-day workshop ready in sewing, innovative textiles or raising your own own urban silkworms

And that’s just scratching the surface. This should tie in very well with the ongoing “Blivande Akademie” initiative so @MariaEuler might be the person to talk to.

As a sidenote, @erik_lonroth is a community member who has been active in similar avenues. He ran a workshop on teaching teachers open source at Blivande last year.


Thanks Hugi!

If there are people who know programming I’d be interested in seeing if we could do a simple Generative Art workshop. With middle/ high-school students as an introduction to programming kind of thing. I’ve found a few workshops whose format could probably be adapted/improved pretty easily.

This could be taken maybe


though something simpler would probably be better.

I studied introductory courses to python at KTH and this looks pretty easy. I’d like to have somebody who was on a surer footing with me on it though.

Here’s somebody who set up a similar workshop in Holland on MeetUp who might be a good resource for hearing how it went for him.

general info on Generative Art if anybody was wondering


I’ve made Generative Art workshops and courses for several years, and still doing them! My friend Half Scheidl also organises the Creative Coding Meetup. Here’s my online repo for the courses I hold: https://www.exploring.technology/learn/p5

Happy to share insights, while I personally am not interested in running basics/introduction courses anymore (or, at least I try to avoid them), I am most of the time (if not always) interested in creating learning formats where the output is in context to a problem, or a specific canvas, ie. workshop and participation as artistic practice. I’m also mostly interested in very specific groups of people, rather than a generic selection (if there ever is such) - something that empowers, not just on a technical level, but from several perspectives (working with marginalised groups).

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@jonasjohansson I’ll read through the online repo! Would be interesting to meet and talk about it sometime if you have the time.

I’m currently not able to have any more scheduled things, but happy to have email threads with you.

You can write me at jns.johansson@gmail.com

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