Plato Terminology

A start of the Plato terminology:


  • The top-level user of the Plato suite, for example Frihamnstorget, Malmöfestivalen, The Borderland or Nacka kommun.
  • Doesn’t need to be changed, but could preferably be changed to: Community (As this hightlights the communal aspect of the platform.)


  • A specific funding round using the dreams platform. For example Always Becoming Festival at Frihamnstorget, Malmöfestivalen 2021, or Nacka Kommun “New ideas for the town center Spring 2021.”
  • Should be changed to something that does not imply it has to be an actual event. Suggestions: Fund (Most accurate, but people might not get it.)
  • What we call this is not super important as most end users will not see this level.


  • What was previously called a Dream, a project proposed by a member on the platform. Idea is less specific than dream, lowers the bar for submitting, and highlights the personal initiative-aspect of the platform.
  • Other contenders: Dream, Project


  • An idea that is eligible for granting. A new thing, sort of what was previously called a “Dream approved for granting”. I think it’s a good idea to differentiate between ideas on the idea stage, and fleshed out proposals.
  • An idea becomes a proposal by the help of other members of the community, via comments and raising flags and so forth.


  • An idea that has received funding from the platform. Previously “Realised dream” or something like that.
  • A proposal becomes a project by being realised. This term won’t be used much.


  • Funding sought - The amount of funding needed to realise the idea. Was previously “Max funding”.
  • Minimum funding - A lower amount than Funding sought, that can be used to make a slimmed-down version of the idea.
  • Expenses - The budget item costs of the idea.
  • Income - Existing funding already in place to realise the idea. This need to be changed to something clearer, e.g: Existing funding


  • The various issues other users can raise on an idea. I wonder if we really need a specific term for this or if we can use the specific name of the specific flag instead?
  • Flags works, but is a bit vague. Would be good with a term that highlights that the thing needs to be looked into for the idea to be eligible for granting, “look into this”. Could be changed to: Issue (a bit too negative),

Granting / Grants

  • The process by which the community distributes the allocated budget. The old term “grantling” is scrapped as it is confusing, albeit cute.
  • I don’t think we need to change these but could be worth a thought.

User roles

  • Org Admin - A user who has been assigned the role of Admin of a Dreams Org by a Plato Admin.
  • Event Admin - A user who has been assigned the role of Admin of a Dreams Event.
  • Event Guide - A user who has been assigned the role of Guide to a Dreams Event.
  • Creator - A person who has created an idea on the platform. (Previously Dream Creator.)
  • Co-Creator - A person who is a co-creator of an idea, and has been added as such by the Creator. (Previously Dream Co-creator.)
  • Community member - Someone with an account on org level.
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Initial sketch of a terminology, nothing cut in stone.