Plato Terminology

A start of the Plato terminology:


  • The top-level user of the Plato suite, for example Frihamnstorget, Malmöfestivalen, The Borderland or Nacka kommun.
  • Doesn’t need to be changed, but could preferably be changed to: Community (As this hightlights the communal aspect of the platform.)


  • A specific funding round using the dreams platform. For example Always Becoming Festival at Frihamnstorget, Malmöfestivalen 2021, or Nacka Kommun “New ideas for the town center Spring 2021.”
  • Should be changed to something that does not imply it has to be an actual event. Suggestions: Fund (Most accurate, but people might not get it.)
  • What we call this is not super important as most end users will not see this level.


  • What was previously called a Dream, a project proposed by a member on the platform. Idea is less specific than dream, lowers the bar for submitting, and highlights the personal initiative-aspect of the platform.
  • Other contenders: Dream, Project


  • An idea that is eligible for granting. A new thing, sort of what was previously called a “Dream approved for granting”. I think it’s a good idea to differentiate between ideas on the idea stage, and fleshed out proposals.
  • An idea becomes a proposal by the help of other members of the community, via comments and raising flags and so forth.


  • An idea that has received funding from the platform. Previously “Realised dream” or something like that.
  • A proposal becomes a project by being realised. This term won’t be used much.


  • Funding sought - The amount of funding needed to realise the idea. Was previously “Max funding”.
  • Minimum funding - A lower amount than Funding sought, that can be used to make a slimmed-down version of the idea.
  • Expenses - The budget item costs of the idea.
  • Income - Existing funding already in place to realise the idea. This need to be changed to something clearer, e.g: Existing funding


  • The various issues other users can raise on an idea. I wonder if we really need a specific term for this or if we can use the specific name of the specific flag instead?
  • Flags works, but is a bit vague. Would be good with a term that highlights that the thing needs to be looked into for the idea to be eligible for granting, “look into this”. Could be changed to: Issue (a bit too negative),

Granting / Grants

  • The process by which the community distributes the allocated budget. The old term “grantling” is scrapped as it is confusing, albeit cute.
  • I don’t think we need to change these but could be worth a thought.

User roles

  • Org Admin - A user who has been assigned the role of Admin of a Dreams Org by a Plato Admin.
  • Event Admin - A user who has been assigned the role of Admin of a Dreams Event.
  • Event Guide - A user who has been assigned the role of Guide to a Dreams Event.
  • Creator - A person who has created an idea on the platform. (Previously Dream Creator.)
  • Co-Creator - A person who is a co-creator of an idea, and has been added as such by the Creator. (Previously Dream Co-creator.)
  • Community member - Someone with an account on org level.
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Initial sketch of a terminology, nothing cut in stone.

I like Community! A little bit unconvential in terms of “typical software” but as you say will highlight this aspect

I like Fund because it “allows” for a broader use case.

While I really like Dream and thinks it stands apart in a good way, I’m probably very biased towards that because of all sorts of reasons. For a first-time user with no previous knowledge about the dreams platform it might stand apart in a weird way. I think Idea works great.

Great distinction. The database model puts these three (Idea, Proposal and Project) in the same collection, what is today the dreams collection. I think we could let it be called a dream in the code and add a stage field to it (either IDEA, PROPOSAL or PROJECT), and have the UI use the stage names, like “Add Idea”

Here is the current database models as they exist in the code today (as well as the planned organizations feature)

Would be good to have the code and database models line up as much as possible with the “official terminology”. Already planning to rename “Members” to “Memberships”.


Exactly, I think is part a branding decision, and part a part of the “human tech” ideology we have talked about previously.

The problem with this is that it’s not a very descriptive name, I worry people wont get it. Fund is used in so many different contexts in our daily life, so it easily gets confusing. E.g. Kulturbryggan is sort of a fund for arts, but when using Plato they suddenly become a community doing several smaller funds, eg. I think fund is much better than event, but think we might need to crystallize it a bit more. A word in the category of “pot”, “run”, “section”, “spatio-temporal place”, “unit”, etc

This sounds like a great solution!

I agree, to an extent, but we will face many situations where we change the terminology for different potential users, so ideally all UI/visible terminology should be customizable on an org level. This is only relevant for the terminology that end-users encounter, e.g. “idea” “granting” etc.

I do not fully understand this one: Is it an individual that is part of an organisation, that is part of the core team of an organisation or a organisation itself?