Planning Meetings

When should we have the next open planning meeting?
Every Thursday from now on?
Who will do the booking with Noden?

@AnjM will you book Noden for the coming weeks? <3

On it! And will post about it here as soon as that is confirmed.


Attendees - Nitin Mehta, Peter Sherman, Peter Kisel, Sebastian Jansson, Jossu, William De Young
TIME : 2020-03-05T19:00:00Z2020-03-05T20:15:00Z

  • Need to have video conferencing links for future planning meetings for Peter K. and Johanna Katariina (Jossu)

  • To Do Can we send out a newsletter to all participants with relevant info and links?

  • Peter Sherman -

    • Bad things have happened in the past. One rape in last UB and 2 in Ascension festival.
    • Peter shared the thread to us -
    • The two girls were not looked after our community and this is horrendous. This cannot be allowed to happen again and we have to be very supportive.
    • In light of these past incidents doing security, they are concerned how to manage it? This will probably happen but we have to be careful how to help
    • The perpetrators were burner virgins in the past 2 instances
    • We have to be very careful because not everyone will be a burner. People will be sleeping around in the dark and remote places in drunken states and we have to ensure as much as possible, that they are safe.
    • We need to communicate to all the burners to look out for each other specially new burners
    • This info should be part of the greeting lead
    • To Do We need to get a big team together for security + Consent
    • To Do Peter will create the group and a team of people together with Markus.
    • To Do We will have to arrange walkie-talkies also. They are already a line item in the budget
    • Question How can we identify who is an experienced burner?
    • To Do We need to come up with an actual action plan on how to deal with this?
  • Peter Kisel (Slovakia) -

    • William De Young (Music lead with Peter)
    • Regarding the Sexual Assault issue - There is generally no distinction between exepriences burners and burner virgins. On other events, generally there is a wide spread propaganda on Consent, which they talk about all the time, and put posters everywhere
    • We have to encourage burner veterans to pay close attention to first time, inexperienced burners
    • Important We need to train people from Sanctuary specifically - in terms of Sexual Assault
    • To Do 35-40 people asked Peter to be DJ so he created a google form so people can apply for the role. LINK
      • He put questions there like - Do DJ’s have to buy the tickets? When can they arrive? Etc.
    • Sound Systems - we need to source from everyone possible. The mixers can be arranged by DJs but we will need big enough speakers which need to be rented
      • Dance floor will not take up the whole room.
      • We need to think about the placement
  • Johanna (Denmark) -

    • Jossu wants to know what her tasks are?
    • Because she is not sure if she can handle psychological issues!
      • We explained that leads are just realizers mainly. She can involve herself as much as she wants in sanctuary and we will help train everyone
    • To Do Education wise we need to also have plan on, what else we can do.
    • She need access to the already ready google docs-
  • Sebastian Jansson -

    • Important For Dreams, decision is made to use THE DREAMS PLATFORM -
      • We will manage the grant process outside of the DREAMS PLATFORM
      • We can check what functions can be enabled and disabled
    • To Do We will try to look into if we can configure SAML for FACEBOOK LOGIN INTEGRATION
    • ImportantTo Do Sebastian will work with Jonas to update the link for
    • Important We will use for discussion on threads
    • Important UB Leads - FB Messenger group should be used only for non-official or fun communications, & event announcements
    • Hoffnung 3000 platform WILL NOT BE USED this time. The function it has regarding sharing of resources could be exported to the dreams platform, but it’s very low priority at the moment.
  • Nitin Mehta

    • Quick update - working on an info document for the Sanctuarians which will be used as a training guide to explain what to do (& not do) in different kind of situations. Once the 1st draft is ready, we will send it to the team to get feedback.
    • To Do We need to start preparing a list of possible places, organization, companies from where we can borrow stuff from?
    • To Do Idea (from Ascension) - We should create Burner Buddy Roles for newcomers?

Sounds like a productive meeting and thank you for the notes! <3

Comments regarding consent

  • @AnjM @filipnystrom and me were in the core team of Afterglow (not Ascension) when the assault happened. We talked to the women and offered them support (especially regarding their wish to talk to the police), we talked to the owner of Tivedstorp and we talked to a consent competent person at Noden since Afterglow is a Noden event. This situation was very new to us, we tried to handle it as well as possible but apparently we didn’t do it well enough. This is why we decided to have a consent lead at UB.

  • The role of the consent lead involves:

  1. Raising awareness, for example through posters in public places and a short introduction connected to the greeting routine. Good idea to also mention consent during the opening ceremony.

  2. Prepare a reaction plan in case something does happen. A step by step what to do.

  3. The consent lead is not responsible for psychological welfare (that’s what the sanctuary is for) but the consent lead could help by giving the sanctuary some information how to take care of assault victims.

  • As Peter said, we should not only focus on people new to the community, reminding people of consent is important to everyone. In my personal experience it was mostly old burners, especially those who say that they take consent very serious, that have overstepped my boundaries.

  • I like the idea of having burner buddies but it should be on a voluntary basis :slight_smile:

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I want to strongly propagate for not using the term “non-burners” for people new in the community. This creates a we and them, where “they” are the villains. Remember that the first Urban Burn had like 70% burner virgins. Also - let us remember that these things happen a lot less at burns than at normal festivals/clubs.

With that said, I do think that the first impression might be confusing for many, and will lead to bad behaviors for some (and there are of course also the case where people are just assholes). Onboarding and communicating is super important, and to create a feeling where we take care of each other!


very true, edited my post!

Good points @filipnystrom and @Wanda.

I edited my minutes also from non-burners to burner virgins :slight_smile:
I believe we need to come up with a full risk-management action plan, starting from:

  • pre-event communications,
  • online education materials,
  • physical materials during event,
  • more assertive communication & acceptance from participants during the greetings,
  • role of Guardian angels,
  • role of the Sanctuary,
  • what do we do in case an assault has already happened,
  • communication to the police
  • And our commitment as a team and to what extent are we willing to go (including stopping the event too, if really needed)

@jossu @DeYoung tagging you guys here so you are not left out from the conversation! :slight_smile:

Have a lovely weekend everyone :heart:

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