Hi, I’m Andreas “Hama” Hämäläinen and I’m the placement lead this year.

Before we get started I want to ask @sebastianj how we should arrange the technical side of things. Are we supposed to use as the placement system? You also mention in the H3k thread that we could be using Open Street Map but would it not be simpler to just use a picture of the floorplan?

One problem is that we don’t have an ideal picture of a floor plan (I’m pretty sure you (@Hama) have seen all the pictures we have)…

However, we do have some time to work this out, right? Will there even be a placement process before the dream process is in a more developed stage? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m really not sure.

Some placement needs to be done right now, like the dancefloor/deciding which areas will be noisy and which will be calm. Unless we get the Hoffnung 3k system working we should try to see if we can copypaste the placement system used at Nobelberget and adapt it to our current venue. As a last resort we can use a spreadsheet to keep track of placement and floorspace so everyone get their share.

I believe we should get all the planning systems running (dreams, placement etc) as soon as possible so there can be some hype, ticket sales and some planning for the projects.

I have made a cleaned up floorplan of the bottom floor but the upper floor is still missing.

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You’re probably right, it would make the process much more efficient! We really need to get that meeting at the venue though (we’re working on it), since there are some things not in the plan. Like a smaller room to the right (at the marked exit) that is now used as storage, that we can use for whatever. And the upper floor with some rooms that would do great as workshop spaces/sanctuary/dark rooms or whatever. There’s also a container with toilets right where it says “35”.

Where’s the main entrance?

I’m working on a picture with some extra info. Give me 5 min :slight_smile:

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Some thoughts about placement of dancefloor to consider:

At raves, there’s a big dancefloor in the big main room, and a smaller one in the downward left room. We COULD use the small dancefloor as dancefloor, and have activities and art etc in the big room, which would shift the focus from “just a party” to a more burn-like experience. That’s really up for discussion though, and depends on what kind of dreams we get.

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My two cents:

The drawing looks great and easy to understand, just needs measurements.

A Google Drawing with this as the basis and clear instructions can work for everyone.

IMO it should not be first come first served, and perhaps we even propose it / discuss it with the Dreams people.


Yeah, no first-come first-serve. I think once we have all the dreams collected we should sort them into moods/sounds levels and then Andreas can find the perfect placement for them

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edited Extra info:

  • The extra 1 toilet is barrier-free

  • The entrance next to room C will be the main entrance. Room C has wooden half-walls and can be used for queuing.

To be clear - the entrance next to room C is the main entrance and is connected to room C. So C is practically only for entering, I think. And you enter towards the wardrobe on the right.

C could be used as the greeting station then?

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Remember to include the outside area when making the map. Can we drive a vehicle into that area?

The B-area is basically a docking area where trucks can unload shit. We can build an outside area outside of it, as long as we place a fence so that trucks can pass during the day.

Are these measurements accurate? If one side is 42 and the other is 31.5, the 42 should be a third longer than the other side. This picture is almost quadratic.

Could we have this as an interactive drawing?

Rough sketch drawn from memory of the upper floor has been added to the interactive drawing:

Dimensions are off a tad, for e.g hallway is not that long but the placement of things should be decently accurate. We’ll update it when we receive the top floor drawings.

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