Piano shell build?

Hey guys (and @hampus )!

I am looking to become a temporary member of Tau because I wanna build a piano shell for my digital piano (either from scratch like this: https://youtu.be/P9iM_cCd5GU or by modding an old one like this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qqeMwZ7B3pc). I don’t know how long the project might take but anywhere from a couple of days to weeks depending on how much time life takes and how shitty I am at doing this build (most likely very shitty :smiley:). Since this is a project that will take up some space and probably stand around in the workshop in some capacity and might be in the way for ya’ll, @hugi had the great suggestion to simply ask you about it! So, whatcha think - would me doing this project at Tau (wehooo!) work for you or will it disrupt your workflow having half a fake-piano-thing standing around?

Love, Minna


Sounds a bit like my DIY ongoing furniture projects :sunglasses:

Hope this works out!

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Fun project!

I think it could work given that a piano doesn’t take up that much floor space (since it’s mainly vertical). Maybe mount wheels on it so it can be easily moved if needed.

It could be housed in the entrance room to Tau that was just cleared up. From there it could be easily rolled into the woodshop when you are in the house to do active work on it (again assuming you mount wheels on it or place it on a rolling board/dolly).

Consider the use of the Shaper Origin tool to etch designs/patterns into the wooden piano!


Thanks for the replies, guys! Great idea to put it on wheels, I’ll make sure to do that once I get started, woop woop!