Photo shoot take 2 - the beauty of TAU

Hello dear Studion TAU members,

who of you would be around next Wednesday?

We would like to take some photos in TAU for the website. @cecilia_ulfsdotter, @Nicke, @Suxen and @AmandahAndersson could we photograph you spaces next Wednesday and could you make them look “interesting” :wink: and maybe help with some cleanup of the floorspaces until then?

(There will be fika)

Who else has a space at TAU at the moment?

Also: What is being constructed in the big Studio room at the moment? Who’s project is it and could it be in a state where we could take photos of the room?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Yes I’ll be around! And will make sure to make it look interesting

Hey! We’re moving in this weekend. I’m sure we can make it look interesting and or like a creative space in process which will be it’s organic state. I’ll be there!


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If this is of any interest, I could be putting my table together in the wood-workshop. Not a permanent space, but actually something in action. What do you think? @MariaEuler


sounds gerat!

@ben.english, from when bis when will the photographer come? I as stated above I have appointments at 11:00 and ant 15:00. So from 12:00 to 15:00 would probably be good as I could help during that time and have some time for set up before.

I will set up the time today. I only have 12-13/13:30ish also

Don’t underestimate the amount of work needed to clean up Tau. A proper cleanup is a full 8 hour day for 2-3 ppl. What rooms are being photographed?

Wood workshop, electronics, textile and the different workplaces. I think we can go for detail shoots not necessarily showing the whole space. The studio would be neat, but I am not sure what the situation there is. Or do you think we should prospone @hampus

We can’t postpone, if we postpone then we lose our photographer and will have to run this again with a different photographer. We have already postponed due to the fact the woodworking shop was not built. And now we are postponing again because it’s not tidy…

We knew that it was going to get photographed, it is not an unanticpated request that it needs to be tidy.

Didn’t say anything about postponing, just letting you know what amount of work there is to be done before the shoot if you want really quality pictures. As you all know I have broken my arm and am not available to help in any direct way.

I would focus on getting shots of open space, hallways, woodshop, textile room, electronics room and studio.

Do we have anyone that can help do this tidying? The arm puts you out of action and I don’t have the time available during the days to put any work into this.


I’ll be cleaning from 9:00 to 11:00 Wednesday morning.

I can come in at 08 again to get a jump start on it. Sweep the corridors etc.

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I might be able to help a bit tomorrow with the clean up. Not sure. I am free wednesday/Thursday.

@MariaEuler regarding the photo time, I would prefer later. 14-15. :slight_smile: let me know !


Is there an update on time @ben.english?
Hampus and I will head down to Tau today to start organizing. Is anyone available today for moving and organizing? Then we can leave the cleaning for the team coming in tomorrow.

Yes, time is from 12 - 13 ish wiht a fika after but we need to think about the kind of shots we actually want of the space.

If we can get those written down then we can plan out the flow of getting the shots

Is @AmandahAndersson and @Suxen coming in today to gather their stuff into their room?
As you know, we have the shoot tomorrow so it would be great to clear up the communal areas!

Hi! I will be swing by later and move our stuff. I’ve had meetings all day in the city!

Also, I won’t be able to join the shoot tomorrow. I have to leave the city tonight and won’t be back until Thursday. Such a bummer.


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Great! See you later then :two_hearts: