Penta-Dodecahedron Co-creation, Community advertiser

Hi Everyone,

my name is Manu, I am a childhood friend of Tobi

here is my idea I just throw it on the forum to look if someone wants to co-create

or has some ideas

I want to build this pentadodecahedron (with wood) to see how it looks and feels.

The outer diameter will be around 2,5m. I did talk with @Ollxor? , he has some ideas for lights.

Maybe there is an interest for Blivande or Frihamntorget to use it as an advertising thing outside

there is also the idea to use it as an advertiser and “park” it on different parking lots and try to interact with the people by “you can move it to the next parkin lot” if you buy a parking ticket and staple it inside to the structure.

Maybe we can build more than one or in different sizes.


I really like it. Could be placed on top of a container, or move around in the square.
When it comes to light there are many many options… Some kind of warm white lanterns would be really nice with the wood i think. Or spotlights shining on it from a little distance, will make interesting shadows. Perhaps not a neon led strip all the colors experience?

Would love to help build! Work Is Play project? Could set up a serie production line, recruit a number of people and repeat tasks? Perhaps do one corner first to test out :slight_smile: I guess it will need a ±1mm tolerance or something like that to fit really well. So doing it properly slow and steady rather than fast perhaps.

I guess it could also be standing on some kind of tower/truss, and then have a pretty strong bright light in the center top, making it into kind of a street light.

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I am up for some production line work :slight_smile:

The Ideas for the lights and the positioning are great.
it would be a good “work is play” project. How does this work?
@DianaMO this would be nice.
Ok, I will let you know when I got the wood and adapted the plans with @missChief.