Party Time the 6th March, 1 year celebration!

Howdie gang!

Blivande has now been up and running for a bit more than a year which feels surreal. When I first stepped into this house it was merely an empty shell and now it is bubbling with life brought by you all. This is something worth celebrating!

We are therefor proposing a party the 6th of March and we would love to do this with you all. It will commence with a visionary talk about the house and where we are heading. We will share some food and keep it kinda intimate before we open the gates for the broader public.

During the afternoon we will hold an open house to also give the opportunity for potential future members to partake in the visionary talk. So if you have a friend that you think would thrive at Blivande with us, this would be a good opportunity to bring them along.

The layout for the evening as of today is as follows:

15:00 Open House
17:30 AW with drinks
18:00 Visionary talk
19:00 Food prep
19:30 Food and drinks
21:30 Open doors for party guests
11:00 Big clean up party immense
17:00 Big Clean up Party fis finished of with dinner and a movie

If you would like to get involved in something to make this evening wicked, please do so! The house is the limit and we invite you all to play. I’m listing suggestions for things to do but please let your imagination thrive.

Showcasing your art
Arranging a horse race

To participate for the AW and dinner sign up here and to party on through the night you also need to sign up here

Mark your calendars and start scheming!


Hej Linnea, I think you have to enable permissions for the AW signup form, I can’t open it :-/

oh shoot, Is it working now?

Hey gang!
The event has officially sold out. If anyone of you want to go but haven’t signed up, let us know! pinging some people just to be sure…
@Jomi @MariaEuler @NinaLindberg @Frida_Simon @Thedodod @spargeltarzan @Vinnss @fvk @Wandathevan

I would like to join💛


I’ll create a new password-protected category for our internal use only.

Me and maria intend to join until around 21.

Hej! Jag har försökt boka biljett till er 1-årsfest ikväll då flera av mina vänner ska komma men jag har inte lyckats boka någon. Är det möjligt att anmäla sig här istället?

@hugi where can we find your talk Blivande 2030 to show to @NinaLindberg?

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Kim is working on it!