Pantry fridge and sink in Tau

At some point in the future depending on how public events go and daytime conferences there will be a need for tau to have its own pantry in tau where members can make lunch store food and have a sink for cleaning pencils etc. This might be needed specially if the current kitchen becomes more of an event kitchen and giving the possibility for tau to have its own space. Beta already got it’s own pantry.

What does tau need? I think a sink a microwave coffee maker and a small fridge so that tau members can have their private area and control of their stuff. Generally ofc the kitchen will be accessible for all members but during some events that might not be possible so redundancy might be good? I think specially the cleaning possibility and having an own fridge is quite important. Maybe it’s not nice to have private stuff in a public fridge.

What do you think? Is this something tau needs?

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Important NOT to mix food- and coffepreparation in/into workspaces.
Needs to be separated from atelier -spaces and workshops.

Why is that? There is quite little space in tau and practically only one place that water can be connected so sink must practically be in big flex open space facing FT. (Other side of the wall of the kitchen) That is actually prio one, we can not mix paint and other maker stuff in the same place that maybe some people are preparing lunch for 150 participants. Going to cleaning closet might be problem too as it might be a lecture there, using toilets or bar is nasty too.
Generally the fridge problem is also quite important too people having events must have a clean and clear fridge near to the kitchen to use. Ofc a fridge for tau does not have to be big it can be placed in eg rydbergs or somewhere else a coffee maker and a microwave can maybe be placed in the small area behind emanus office?

Remember we are not talking about having a whole kitchen in the middle of tau, we are talking about the importance of tau to have own water and also some basic facilities if it happens that blivande is booked and of limits for tau. Or actually just not practical some tau members like to work at weekend nights and they might not like to get mixed up with drunk people having a party when they want to warm up some food or brew coffee or tea. There is maybe also the risk of private food or the coffee you just made getting taken by others. I think the possibility of making food in the main kitchen will always be there. There are just some small issues that might need to be fixed.

Please come with ideas this must be solved, if tau doesn’t want to solve it tau will probably be without those facilities during booked events. If something is not possible please specify it so we can solve it, we got huge amounts of time until events start up due to covid19, remember also that when we start up we might be heavily booked as many events have been moved forward.

Ofc remember that there is always the possibility during some booked events that tau might be able to use upstairs kitchen facilities and lavatory.
And making real food eg cooking must be done there or downstairs kitchen due to fire alarm, kitchen has a special heat sensor, if someone starts to boil water in tau fire alarm will go of.

@ben.english are they any more potential conflict issues that I have missed?

Yes to running water. That’s useful for several reasons.

No to anything food/drink related. Having the means to prepare food in Tau also means there should be an area for where drinks and food can be digested, which should not impact other members (smell, stains etc.).

I think the pantry makes sense for Beta, as there is a different work culture being active with your computer/screen, and the spaces are made for communal settings, whereas Tau is built for labour.

Love to have some other thoughts on this as well, great topic you’re raising!

@Joannis-Magnus no other conflicts I can think if.

@jonasjohansson The pantry for Tau is less for Tau in itself and more for event co-ordination. If a company books the entire 3 rooms for a conference one day, they may have NDA material that Tau members are not allowed to see in which case Tau would not be allowed access to the 3 main rooms the entire day.

In which case we would need a system for Tau to either come to Beta to make their food, or bring it pre-prepped in the fridge and put it in microwave as Joannis suggested


I still suggest We Do NOT mix foodpreparation/koffestation with/into workspaces and deskspaces or workshops. That Will for sure not tur oute ok for anyone. It really needs to be a separate space. It is not respectful to go to work into someones macarony-broccolipasta preparation smell.

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It doesn’t have to happen. The alternative is keeping it as it is now with the main Blivande kitchen.
The consequence will be that Tau members will not always have access to a kitchen for reasons already mentioned in this thread, but that will be relatively rare.

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A compromise suggestion which I quite like it that Tau simply gets its own fridge (inside Tau). It’s really quite tiresome to always be faced with a chaotic fridge with food items in various stages of rot. It’s also problematic given that the fridges need to be presentable and empty when we house larger events. Cleaning out dirty fridges can take hours and shouldn’t have to be done all the time

That way the fridge really becomes a dedicated Tau problem, for its members to uphold, rather than a “tragedy of the commons” as it is now. We can’t expect @Alex.Colard (or anyone else) to clean it every week…

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Great ! I have a fridge I won’t be using anymore starting at the end of January, we can put it in TAU if someone can transport it from mariatorget to Blivande @hampus


Sounds great. If there’s lots of activity in TAU it means people will leave more stuff in the fridge, and if people renting the main rooms want to use the fridge and are faced with a bunch of rotting food, that’s not cool.

What’s dimensions of the Fridge @Alex.Colard ?

Looking forward to throwing out everyones food that doesn’t have a post-it with their name on it :slight_smile:

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It’s big @jonasjohansson
Human size,
It was in the church for a week at the end of November / beginning December

Great! We just need to figure out the best placement for it then. I would say Open space or perhaps in the corner next to the door to Pillar room. Assuming that the storage of the boards there can fit without the last 60 cm.


In these situations when you only want to acknowledge having read something you can just like the post instead of posting an “OK” that triggers email notifications and so on. Just a tip @Alex.Colard :slight_smile: