Painting the Frihamnstorget fence


Hello dear Frihamnstorgeteers,

I would not only be aesthetically pleasing but also a sensible weather protection and a good and engaging tasks for those volunteer helpers who might not be up for welding giant pillars to paint the fence around Friahmsntorget.

Would be good if we can get it done lastest next Friday before potentially moving inside.

To do that we need two things:

  1. Paint! Someone needs to pick up some paint from Bauhaus or so. @hampus or @hugi can call there ahead so it can be bought on company credit if I understand correctly.
    A nice yellow and an orange tone would be good so we can match this sun pattern on our neighbours painting (we do still have white left for mixing if I am not mistaking):

@hampus do you have more detailed instruction on what paint it should be?
@Thedodod said he could pick up the paint at Bauhaus this Saturday, so it could be there for the Friday next week.

  1. Guidance: We need someone to be there and make sure the fence design looks good and is made to a good quality.

Yes! I just need to know who is going. Tell that person to PM me their personnummer, full name and phonenumber here on the forum.

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@hugi and @hampus would it be pertinent to paint the fence before it gets even more wet?

Yes, but someone needs to take it upon themselves to get it done. I see no obstacles other than that.

These are the colour codes in case you need to buy more

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I’m in touch with IdaMaria about doing it around a workshop. I’ll take care of it. Would however need some hands to continue building the fence with my guidance.