Painting container wall

Hey, @Pouyeh and I were walking around Frihanmstorget today and we were inspired to paint, looked around what could be a nice little beginner project to do to gather and looked at this Wall below in the picture.


Pouyeh sketched something and I love it and want to help paint it on the container wall.

We thought about the becoming festival and wanted to make it part of the dreams, but actually we would rather want to get creative as soon as possible. None of us has done some alone project, so we are curious to know what we can do to get it started.


Nice idea, but where is the wall? I can’t really see from the picture.

It is a very small wall between the blue container with fish painting on and the dark green container. It’s sort of hidden. We decided to start small.

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I see no problems with that!

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I think it’s great of you to do that, but wanted to share with you that it could be that that little wall will be moved somewhen in the nearish future as it was set up as a stopgap to have a space with less wind for outside cooking. But then again, stopgaps often stay around a lot longer than planned and making them beautiful is much better. Just wanted that you are aware that maybe that wall might get moved :). In the end everything at Frihamnstorget will change move and morph over time so that is part of its character :). Always becoming :wink:


Thanks for input and perspective Maria. I think we can do it @Pouyeh and see how the creative process unfolds and what ideas we get from doing this together. Maybe the wall ends up there for a while, as it is pretty :wink:

One more question regarding the process? do we bring/buy the supplies for the project ? We were talking about it and did not know. However this question makes me feel a bit strange, so I am bubbling around it :smiley: People buy their own materials for frihamsntorget projects right ?

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What about the white rather ugly side of the blue BL container? And other question is Amanda going to paint the entire bones and skulls container all around or just one side ?

Nice to see that you want to get involved in the co-creation @DianaMO and @Pouyeh !

As Maria has already mentioned this wall piece is temporary and won’t stick beyond this Friday. It looks quite sloppy as it is now and we had a discussion that it should be removed at the last WIP. @NinaLindberg expressed some ideas about that little “room” then as well I remember. It will require some planning to get it right. Maybe we can sit down and spend some time doing that this Friday?

On painting containers in general:

A general advice I would like to give when it comes to painting container sides is that the corrugation makes it quite different from painting a normal flat canvas (whatever the material). This difference is easy to underestimate, and when it’s completely ignored the results are usually such that we end up scrambling to cover up the result with something new. The Skulls & bones painting by the eager art students being the latest example but also Amandus attempt to a certain extent (which he still hasn’t even finished yet BTW; masking tape still hanging off it like old band-aids swinging in the wind).

Given the differing angles (with a varyingly convex and concave surface) the light hits the side in varying ways. Any image will also morph depending on what angle you are looking at it from. Lines will break and so on. Only from a 0 degree angle will it look like a normal canvas (which of course can be a cool effect if used consciously!).

Sorry to be a bit boring by urging some initial caution here but I feel a need to counterbalance Hugi’s laissez-faire enthusiasm. The thing is that I myself was the one expressing his exact sentiment when the art students from Gerlesborg asked me the very same question and we’ve had to live with the consequences since. Again let’s talk about it on Friday in person. :slight_smile:

Not sure what white side you are referring to here. The BL container is the one on top of the blue Space container and the deep green WCH container. You must be referring to the “Beckman’s container” which is the one creating the corner together with the café, right?

Amanda would only paint the one side facing Blivande with the skull and bones “throw up piece” by the art students, mentioned above.

No, we’re discussing her having three sides – all sides except the blackboard.

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It looks like I will be needed somewhere Friday, so won’t be able to come, however @Pouyeh and me were thinking of coming in tomorrow to (originally) start the painting process.

@NinaLindberg are you at Frihamnstorget tomorrow?

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Ah, OK. I would like that process/dialogue more open here on the forum then, similar to what we’ve done before when taking big decisions involving container sides as part of the commons. Especially if it’s all three sides including painting over a previous work by another artist (Amandus).

It already is :wink:

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OK, I obviously need to go through my notification settings, haven’t seen any of this.

EDIT: My notification setting was already on Watching for that forum. I’ve been working on the assumption new posts in such groups produce a notification in my profile list. Will have to readjust for this with the increasing number of subforums so as to not miss new posts. Seeing it now I think I might have read it in an email and then forgotten about it. Doesn’t show up here unless I actively browse the subforum.

The discussion doesn’t mention three sides though, so I would have given Diana the wrong info either way.

To be perfectly clear I really like Amanda’s work and I think she would create something great!

@hampus fair points about the tricky sides of painting the containers and the small wall being possibly removed. We were thinking about that wall because it was small and sort of hidden so we could try something out. But sure, obviously you have more experience than us. We can talk more in person. Cheers! :slightly_smiling_face:

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There was a new idea @Pouyeh that I think is good especially regarding the challenging 3D effect on the container. What if we paint it on a wooden plate and rise it to hang from eg. the green container?