Paid duct taping vs unpaid creation

@MariaEuler posted something very interesting over at Edgeryders.

Bellow you find a snipped from David Graeber’s book “Bullshit Jobs”

It’s interesting for us at Blivande to think about how this relates to us, and how we can break this cycle. Indeed, when it comes to creating community, that’s something that a lot of companies do with “duct tape”. How could we contribute to a different model? This is one of the questions at the heart of the Blivande project; how do we make sure that people who supply the world with community, beauty and social innovation get paid without having to sell-out and become duct taping “community managers” of some hipster infested start-up office?

On this topic, Edgeryders is hosting an online summit on Covid19 + Resilient Livelihoods: An Online Summit. We think that the current crisis might be an opportunity to come up with new models.