Onboarding/inclusion and spreading the word

I want to raise the question of bringing this event into the consciousness of people who might be interested. This has several reasons, of which one of them is my main focus here.

One reason is that we need to sell a certain amount of tickets (about 500 to have a dream budget to work with). We’re still far from this number. BUT this is NOT my main focus. I am certain that we will sell about 500-700 tickets in the end. What we DO need to think about here is the question of how to sell these as early as possible, to be able to handle a dream budget in a foreseeing way.

The main reason for me, though, is that Urban Burn, especially with this new venue, is a fantastic opportunity of co-creating weird shit, and a great space to introduce burner culture to new people. There’s no point in keeping this community a secret! I think we would gain a lot from connecting to other communities, and getting burner virgins in on this. Not to sell extra tickets, but because it’s fun!

I’m not sure how to do this though, any help is appreciated!

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And to add to this, I have already made some efforts by contacting different communities that might have an interest in this.

I have contacted:

  • Konstfack
  • Mejan (Kungliga konsthögskolan)
  • Nyckelviken
  • WELD (who works with dance and art)
  • Gula villan i Järna
  • UngaTur (a theatre group)
  • Quarnevalen
  • Decadance
  • Klustret
  • A person who arranges FOMO
  • Queer Art Fest Stockholm

And maybe some other people who have slipped my mind right now. I haven’t gotten responses from everybody here though.


Again, some info points from the early days:

In 2016 I was doing exactly this work. It’s a little secret but I even … gasp! pushed out posts on social media to attract as wide a group of people as possible. And it worked. It was Urban Burn 2016 that really made the community, especially around the Node, explode.

Being truly inclusive and welcoming diversity sometimes requires a bit of targeted communication. But it also makes it even more important to catch people as they come in, make sure they come to planning events, make friends before the event, understand the culture, etc.


I think a very simple yet super cool way to create a buzz around the event will be, to do a short interactive video of the venue when we visit it soon and introduce it to all the people. We only have pictures right now from Anjali but a video might get people more interested in seeing the possibilities for their expressions. At least there is no harm in doing it, right? :slight_smile:

@hugi - IF we were to do one of these pushed posts on facebook, do you have any tips and tricks? I’ve never done this before.

I actually wouldn’t pay for it. Just make good post and ask people to share it. In 2016 Facebook ads were still new, but now it’s overused and pretty exploitative.

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@filipnystrom how about Hyper Island?
I’d reach out but figure Swedish would be preferred.

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I also have a few friends in Hyper Island so will ask them too! :slight_smile:


I’ll reach out to Hyper / Beckmans etc. and in my networks when Dreams + Site is up!


What’s the status?

I talked to Gustaf yesterday about some stuff, and came to the conclusion that I think we should pay for sponsoring the event on facebook, like take 3-4000 SEK for this during the next week (starting today if possible).

The reason for this is fb-algorithms that fucks up the flow of events. If you do not pay, events are not really seen by friends of friends etc. If we sponsor it, we can focus it on people who know people already attending AND have focus groups (like people who like art, techno, queer, performance, etc).

What do you say?

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Ok. this is if we proceed with the event, which does not seem likely at this point.