Noden Vision 2021

Before the Corona-autumn recommendations hit us, I had started to think and write down a vision of Noden in the coming year. Now, with some of the excitement haltered through the pausing of our physical meetings and workshops, it seems even more important to dare to dream and put some energy in making visions happen. We don’t know how long the community will have to restrict physical meetings showing civic responsibility. What I do know is that I want Noden to continue to change, morph and expand, influencing the cultural landscape of Stockholm and connecting people to a sense of community.

This here right now is MY vision, I am hoping to collaborate with some of you in including and specifying the vision to manifest a shared desired reality. Please add your flavour to the vision by commenting and joining the vision dreaming. I am going to publish this in five days on our webpage, in case you want to add something.

Noden Vision 2021

Re-Definition of Purpose

Noden was created five years ago out of a facebook-group and a discussion around syntheism. Today, the organisation has morphed into something else with implicit principles and values. It is time to make the implicit explicit and reformulate the purpose of Noden in the bylaws. This is happening right now in the forum. The work-group on changing the bylaws additionally wants to formulate principles similar to those adopted by the Borderland, to set intentions to our interactions. These are not to be set in stone but can and will change, grow and morph with our community in time.

Reach Investing Sustainability

Noden has as of today 316 members. In spring 2020, the pandemic caused a lot of members to drop off, but we have recovered during summer and early autumn 2020. Financial sustainability and independence from relying on savings that would allow for a continuous investment in equipment for workshops and improvements of communal spaces requires around 400 active monthly supporters. In 2021, we aim to reach full investing sustainability.

Governance Decentralization and Crews

This year, Noden started to shift tasks and even decision making to non-board sub-groups called “crews”. The Communication-Crew is our first board-independent group and deals with communication in and around Noden. Having this crew is a big step towards decentralization. Decentralizing decision making empowers members to get more involved and prevents reliance on individual members and their involvement or reliance on the board for decision making, which makes the organisation more resilient and vivid. We hope to expand involvement by encouraging the creation of more crews working on other tasks (eg. PR-Crew, Outreach-Crew and Members-Onboarding-Crew). Members can join the crew that either helps them develop a skill or a crew they want to gift their talent/skill to.

The New Generation - Noden Kids

Noden is already a place welcoming a broad group of people of all ages. In the past, we have had a couple of children’s events during the weekends. Having kids or kids friendly events allows for both parents and children to enjoy activities and community together. We have a growing number of new parents in our midst, so let’s create the settings to include the whole family.

Welcoming New Members

The Communication-Crew is planning to set up a better way of welcoming new members. It can be difficult to understand Noden and the wider community as a newbie, thus it can take months for members to understand the level of initiative and involvement possible. We hope to overcome involvement barriers by organising reoccurring member-welcoming events and dinners.

Getting Smarter Together

Noden has historically had mostly workshops centered around movement, music and personal development. And Noden can be more. We have a beautiful location in central Stockholm and could invite speakers, scientists and researchers to present their work to a public audience. Noden can be a trial stage for young researchers and professionals to talk about their work to a non-expert crowd. At the same time, the audience can learn about what people think and work on in different professions across society and get connected and inspired. These events could resemble the current safe stage and be enriched with academic and professional content. The world of today is interdisciplinary.

Authentic Relating Hub

Authentic Relating refers to a communication technique that uses games and exercises to support empathy and curiosity in conversations enabling rapid and deep human connection. Noden has always been a place of relational experimentation through the spirit of co-creation and a general tendency of its members to explore conventional relational boundaries. In september 2020, we started Authentic Relating meet-ups at Noden, that have since become one of our most visited workshops. Authentic Relating relies on principles facilitating conversations between anyone, not focused on an outcome or compromise, but focused on understanding the others perspective. In today’s polarized world, this skill is necessary to build bridges and understand the complexity of human opinions and views. Noden has the potential to become an Authentic Relating Hub in Stockholm and contribute to empathic and productive conversation.


This is really great Diana, thank you! <3

I have a question that I would want input from the community on (partly because it’s an important question for the vision and future of Noden, but also because I’m right now sitting with an application for kulturstöd, and it would be helpful with some input).

What is the vision of Noden?
What I mean with this is not like “what workshops will we host”, “how do we get more people as monthly donators” or “do we want more parties” etc (which are also important questions of course), but of an abstract (maybe even ideological) question. In ancient times when Noden was created, we did have such a vision in the form of Syntheism. We don’t really abide to that anymore (at least not what I can see). So what are we?

It would be super helpful to get some different takes on this from the community. Like a description of what Noden is in a couple of sentences.

Ping @DianaMO @Misscirkus @Garman @matildakongshoj @rogerb @hugi @maria.eckerberg and whoever feels inclined

Hey Filiip! I am working on exactly that for the activity Plan right now. And I am getting inspired by the following:



What unites the activities taking place is that they are all created with the intention of bringing people together, ideally contributing towards reinforcing a sense of purpose and meaning in our everyday lives.

Hundreds of people come through our doors every week to visit this “home away from home” and we believe that we have, more often than not, succeeded in our mission of creating a transitional - and hopefully transformational - threshold or “twilight zone” in between the public and the private realm.

A place where things are open to change, and perhaps so are you. To some that can take for instance the form a drumming workshop , a safe open stage or a rave in complete darkness . But only if you and others actively choose to make it so by taking and sharing the necessary responsibility to make it happen. We are completely non-profit, co-created and member-motivation-based organisation!

Bylaws Thread:

“Föreningen har som syfte att främja medlemmarnas och allmänhetens intresse av deltagande i medskaparkultur och samvaro i enlighet med (eller inspirerade av) föreningens principer.”

I will post the texts in the application thread as soon as I am done, the activity plan layout will take about longer I suppose

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@DianaMO, I learned today that there is noone that is responsible for IT at Noden.
Christian @ubbesen, suggested in are conversation this

“Vi skulle behöva en “IT-ansvarig” för Noden, eller “IT Crew”. Idag är det ingen som har helhetsbilden för de olika verktygen vi har, och olika integrationer. Det skulle passa in i verksamhetsplanen för 2021.”

I support that idé

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@DianaMO, Every time I read this I become happy and inspired and won’t to be more and more involved. It’s so much to learn from all this.

I think it is a great idea to have an IT Crew!

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Your vision is beautiful Diana & I would like it to become the reality all of us can experience in 2021. Can only give support to the idea now but would like to help when I feel calm with my life. I especially believe in & love Noden for kids & Authentic Relating Hub ideas. We could have it in a circus tent with trippy neon lights. For the sustainable economy in financing & investors please read this, may be useful to you & Noden Board - Everything we do in our lives leaves a positive or negative legacy behind for young generation. Let’s leave behind a world young people can do well in, feel healthy & part of a community. When the virus is gone I want to be involved in this if I am still in Sweden, have money & my mental & physical health improves.