New printer for free

Hello All the beautiful creatures,

I have a left over printer at my regular work, ther switched supplier and need to get rid of the old printing machine, included is color already in the printer but also two new magenta’s, one cyan, five tone waste containers and one drum cartridge, is this of interest, otherwise I will send it back to the supplier for reusage hopefully or as the world looks waste.

It is not dysfunctional just not asked for. Size is about 1x1m
It’s located by östermalmstorg and i have a car to transport it but need a friend to carry it into the van and into Blivande.

All the best,

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I think we can make use for it at Tau. Would be a waste to throw away so much ink and a functioning machine. We can then stow away @guff printer in storage (or if he sees another usage for it elsewhere) and bring it back again when this one has run out of toner/ink.

We have access to a big van for the time being. Good timing to transport heavy things… Just let me know if you want to borrow it.

Perfect!! As mentioned either lets use the car already at Blivande, but it would be good if 1-2ppl came and helped carrying it into the car…i think its a heavy piece… is anyone available to do it during the weekend? either you could come to the adress below or ill come to Blivande and pick you up :slight_smile:
Jungfrugatan 23 is the adress, my phonenumber is 0762219833
im there
Saturday 25th 09.30-18.30
Sunday 26th 15.00-21.00

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I saw that you managed together with some friends! Sorry for not replying earlier. For requests of this kind its probably best to combine it with post in the Studio Tau chat group.

Thank you!