Needs, wants and haves for Frihamnstorget (materials)

This thread is for materials, equipment, art and everything else.
Where to get it and how much to pay for it.
Share sellers and sources, post good offers and compare prices.

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We need electric equipment for Frihamnstorget, here some cables and boxes up for auction.
Would be useful for Blivande and Borderland as well. I would bid up to 15k-20k for all. I need some for my company also. Do we have a budget for that @hugi ?

It’s a matter of priorities. But I suppose it’s good for us to build up inventory for Frihamnstorget. We have reasonably good liquidity now, so we could afford it if we wanted to give it a priority. I want to ask @hampus for advice on if he thinks this is a reasonable priority compared to other investments.

We don’t have to go for all of it but we need 32A cables to connect the laser container.

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Ah, gotcha. Okay, so you have green light to buy at least as much as we need to rig up the laser container. And in that case it might be smart to just go for all of it and not have to hunt for more later. Pending advice from @hampus, it’s a go-ahead from me.


Yes @elch and I chatted about this earlier tonight and I encouraged a forum post instead.

We definitely need cables as has been mentioned already. Primarily for the laser container but also in order to be able to reach with sufficient power wherever needed on the square. Blivande technically doesn’t own any 16A or 32A cables ATM. I bought 3*10 m 16A cables for WCH which we now use to pull power to the café container.

More PDU’s will definitely be needed long-term but we could easily manage without more over winter I would say. But as long as it’s on a bargain level price it’s a no brainer to buy I would say. Not sure we would need all 18 though…
That would be a bitch to store. How much would you buy for yourself Toby?Also - once and for all - what’s your preferred spelling? Toby, Tobi or not Tobé… :slight_smile:

These free-standing models are made for temporary placements/use and not permanent installation in say a container. Long-term if things go according to plan we would be more interested in wall-mounted PDUs wouldn’t you agree, @elch?

Would be good with some data on how often these things come out on auction in order to be able to prioritize. Small construction companies should go bankrupt fairly regularly?

We should start thinking about how we would want to design our future power grid for FT.

Would like to invite @Joannis-Magnus to this thread as well!

I spell myself Tobi but I’m not a nazi about it :stuck_out_tongue:
I need a bunch of 16A cables and 4-5 PDUs, I would just take of the frame and wall mount them.
We should bid for the offers with cables, the first 2 in the list. Then we can just split what FT I need.
Auctions like this come up about every other month.
@Joannis-Magnus What do you think how much we should bid ?

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If the price is right why not get a big lot, usualy its a good idea to buy out big lots as the price gets ridiculus low. Important to think of is thay maybe not all parts are in working order. I got isolation and rcd tester to control all the equipment (fluke 1664) we will certenly need stuff in other places and i might also be interested in buying out some leftovers.

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The good thing is that they are all the high quality ”elbjörn” and on the stand that is a must when using those outside. Not shure the cables are in good condition but lets keep ourselfs updated on the price. Remember that just renting one elbjörn is like 150-250sek a day. I think we culd defenetly fix all of them maybe uppdate some rcds and isolationtest them and still make the money back thrugh bordeland or other projects. Meybe even seling them of as ”besiktigade” then the price goes up dramaticaly!

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Is that something for you ?