My Vernissage, Saturday Oct10, 13-16, at Kafe Arte

When the subconscious appears by coincidence on canvas, the artist is truly connected to his medium. The infinity sign represents a concept of time. It also evokes the number eight, it was a significant 8 month anniversary in his personal development during the creation of these artworks.

This symbol evolves into a more abstract silhouette that represents an hourglass. The round shapes and pastel colors are serenity incarnated, it is more and more precious in his life. The gradients signify breathing, inhaling certain hues, and exhaling others.

Acceptance of growing older is the concept of these artworks. They are spray painted on refurbished canvas boards, that were used by ten year old school children. The texture left behind and painted white reinforces this aspect of time.

Consequently, the motif, texture, colors, life story creates a series that is anchored in the moment and encourages the viewer to live each day as a timeless gift.

Five artworks for sale 40x50cm and one 50x70cm, priced at 4000kr each, framed.
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Kafe Arte / Balletakademien, Birger Jarlsgatan 70, 13.00 to 16.00