My paintings will take extra space till 15th of April

Dear all

As some of you might have noticed my paintings are taking more space than what I am renting at the moment. I just had a meeting with Hampus and we agreed that is ok as long as I ask the rest of you here on the forum for the best solution for everyone.

So there are three options

1, keep it as it is now (pros, the big white wall is free, cons, might feel in the way for people doing splattering stuff on the working tables (although now we have much bigger floor space for such works)

2, hang it on the white wall (pros, its not in the way for splattering work on the working table, also the zink for that wall will not be installed before 15th of april, and none of the flex members seem to be working on things that require that entire wall, that would require a fix membership and apparently that room won’t be used for more fixed members, so the likelihood that a flex member will require the entire wall is very small.
Cons, It is taking part of a wall, but as I said no flex members can use the entire wall unless it’s a temporary project, and there is the project space for that.)

  1. Refurnish the entire room and move all my painting within my space (pros, its all in my space.
    Cons, the furniture doesn’t really funktion any other way, if you want the use all sides if the working table you don’t want to place them too close to one another. I would also have to build another easel for the painting to stand safely.

Personally I think option 2 is best in terms of not being in any other flex members way, if I flex member should require that wall however they are most welcome to come and speak to me and I will go for one of the other options.

Further, I will add that if someone would like to use the entire wall for e.g. photo documentation of their own work, they may ask me and I can move my work temporarily.

All the best, lots of love



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Thanks for the post @cecilia_ulfsdotter!
Don’t forget to tag specific people as many don’t read all posts being made without being tagged individually.

You must have misunderstood me on this point though, I didn’t say that. It likely won’t happen before Feb or March though. And when it happens it will not occupy the whole wall but 150-200 cm (would aim for 150). The stainless sink will itself also be a possible working area of course.

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@asapienza @DianaMO @rasmusalexander I tag you since you are the most active tau members of that room

thanks for the heads up. There is a piece of wood dying that I will pick up Monday, if it is in the way, it can be put next to the one leaning on the window

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I already did that <3

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