My building project (anyone skilled in rendering professional architectural sketches and/or BRF business plans?)

Hi again.
My building project is about to start and I want to ask if anyone have any connection with Economical plans for a bostadsrättsförening ny produktion, it is 10 apartments that will be built and I need some one that can do a plan for this for the BRF to show the bank.
And also 3d rendering to put out for sell of the apartments.

How does it work if one / me want to go and visit blivande, must I book a time to go there and visit?
Are there any people there to say hello?

hope you are all doing well
It would be lovely to meet some one of you .
Next week I will move closer to frihamnen so it is only some minutes walk for me

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@jakobskote and @missChief could probably help, but might not have time. No harm in checking!

Right now it’s pretty empty for the holidays, so it’s probably better to come by in a couple of weeks! But let me know if you are in the neighborhood and I might be around. Best way to reach me is to ping me here on the forum, if I am at Blivande I check it all the time.

Where are you moving to? I live in Norra Djurgårdsstaden.

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Moved this into its own topic as it’s not related to Blivande Academy

I can imagine Owe who’s a member in the house and an accountant knows quite a bit about BRF financing. It kind of depends on what level expertise you actually need.

I would also ask @Sero who I know always works with a really good and fast architectural renderer (that might not be the official job title…) in Romania, Belarus or something like that.

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@Manu and @elch are often around out by Frihamnstorget, also these days when many others are staying home to weather out the second wave.

I have a feeling you would get along quite well with @Simon and @FridaW. They are frequently out by the square working on their BAM containers. As a very experienced architect who knows everyone in the business I’m sure Frida knows who to talk to about the economical side of starting BRFs.

Thank you all for your answers and feedback, much appriciated =) ! Merry xmas

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It would be lovely to celebrate new years if at blivande.
I will move to Torstensonsgatan
I will ask the suggested people about rendering thank you.
Hope something happens at blivande at new years eve.