Moving the big light ball in church

Thanks to @Ollxor we have a fantastic light installation in the church it is loved by all visitors in blivande and works really nice, personally I really like it and admire that it works well in a professional matter.
But sadly it’s often to bright to be on during events and overpowers other types of deco and lights during events. Sadly that results in it having to be turned of also it hangs low so it has gotten some damage to the bottom. I think its sad that visitors can’t appreciate it turned on so i want to make a proposal:

Can we move it to the main entrance? There it can be the main artpiece it is the highest part of our building and will fit perfectly there. Also that room is litlebit forgotten and it will be a huge wow factor to have it directly in the entrance of our building.

Im available to help installing it but it is still up to olle as it’s your art!

@hampus @hugi @Sero @Linnea


If it fits through the door we can. It would also be possible to reprogram it to make it less bright and even adjustable. I don’t know how to. Arvid Blom did the original programming. @jonasjohansson perhaps something you could help with? @ubbesen?

If you still want it there, at othjer settings.

If it does not fit through the door it might be possible to take it apart once again and move it. It might also be that it wont play along, and rather be discontinued.

Thanks for the appreciation my friend :slight_smile:

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Ohh adjustable brightness you say :star_struck: that sounds really nice too! Let’s have a look. That could really be a nice solution as it actually looks really nice in the church from outside.

It will be really sad if it got removed permanently. So im on to 100% to help, i can prepare all fittings in the ceiling fix with electric connections to it. I will measure it, se if it fits through the door for starters. But the brightness solution seems to be easier!

Want @hampus input on this too. For me it doesn’t matter where it is. I just think its sad that people that rent blivande on events need to turn it of.


They! Just a small input. There is the plan of renovating the entrance in the beginning of the next year sometime. That includes tapestry everywhere. Might be good to keep in mind if we move it. I hope I get around making a post about that soon.

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I’ve always thought it would look its absolute best in the hallway which would frame it a great way. As you say it’s also a great first impression in the house.

It was actually on the list of proposed house improvement projects that @jonasjohansson got when he had his three interns around.

I’m strongly in favor of moving it even if I agree that it looks good seeing it from the window.

There’s a plan to replace the spherical lights above it for something more classical and churchy when Blivande has more money to invest. Like three complementary crystal chandeliers or something like that. And in that setting it wouldn’t be the best combo anyway so long-term it should be moved.

I don’t think adding tapestries to the hallway would change that, not as long as they are chosen with the Semiosphere and its light in mind.

I think @missChief could probably do it too. It could also be a job for @guff if he wants to play with some blinkies. I could probably do it too if I just had a little bit of time to get acquainted with it.

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yeah easy peasy - we could put it on the same ecosystem of the app controlled blinkies for FT - so anyone who is running an event could download the app and adjust based on atmosphere of a specific event


Yes, I love that idea! So cool. We should light up the house on the same system too.

gimme a budget and we can make it happen :slight_smile:

WLED app and some ESP32s are in order I believe!

Yep, please speak with the Designer mastermind your wife to be about the room concept. I am just the executer right now. So far it was chique-jungly. Natural Vibe.

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Ah, yeah we’ve looked at three tapestries (really cheap ones from Jula or Rusta). They would all work well, especially the one with white background between the plants. Remains to be seen if they are still sold when it gets time to do it.

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You dont want an S2 btw, you want a dual core wroom or wrover based one. Aka a esp32, not a edp32-s2.

Feel free to order what you need, as long as it’s for less than 200 EUR! :slight_smile: If you buy it through your company (you have one now, right) you can just invoice Blivande for it.

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Yeah after some digging with @jonasjohansson got the HUZZAH esp32 controller. Also talked with Arvid about the sphere- it’s quite complex (5000 lines) of code he’d rather not share because IP, and he’s checked that it cannot be easily integrated with WLED. Ergo we can either replace program with WLED or just install a dimmer and keep the current programming. Up to you @hugi and @hampus. @elch ordered one for the LED tubes in the square since my company isn’t done being set up yet.

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Don’t think you can dim these. Lowering voltage wont work, and brightness it set in code.

Shouldnt be too hard to swap out to a new controller to just drive it, and see. But yea, code maps the leds in a sphere which isnt trivial to do.

He had said a potentiometer would be fine with the setup to dim. And also sent me the sphere coordinates in case someone else wants to tackle writing a new code.

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Take out his hardware/software (keep the power), and add a Huzzah (after testing it out in FT) - problem solved (if he is OK with it being swapped).

Having a system that can be updated easily >> Having a bespoke animation which no one can tweak.


I think it would be awesome to get this upgrade to the Sphere but at the same time it will really be a luxury, gimmicky thing rather than something used every other event. At least with the placement in the Hallway (where it should go long-term for reasons already stated). On the other hand if we ever end up featured on future equivalent of MTV Cribs then we will be glad you had the foresight to make it happen.

In other words I would only prioritize it now if it was something someone wanted to do for the genuine fun and/or learning experience of it, and not at the expense of other projects that might be more “important” (a very subjective word in this context).

It would make for an excellent and hands-on learning module as part of a Blivande Academy course in LED-programming for example.
Not trying to cuntblock you here @missChief by threatening to bring students into the mix…
Just sayin’ making big ball go blinky blinky or blink-blink-blink depending on edits in some abstract .txt document is a potential Kodak moment of learning for eager brains. I would sign up at least! :slight_smile:

Anyway, right now it’s usually turned off for reasons explained by Joannis and even with an app-controlled means to change the programming that would only happen once in a while.

To illustrate this point is the fact that we’ve had the option to program the LED strip in the hallway through an app ever since @guff installed it and I’ve done it 2-3 times in almost 2 years or however long its been there. (Yes, it ended up in rainbow colors as most of the 99 programs to choose from are even more meh than that; imagine “sad Nokia 4 pixel snake in 30 minor variations”).

I think the ideal for the sphere would be a program that runs through different light shows in a massive loop so that it looks different every time people visit (if they are not regulars).

This said though it’s of course a truly excellent idea to standardize all the different programmable installations into the same ecosystem whenever possible. And there are of course a lot to be said for this happening now when a very similar project is underway with the LED tubes out by the square. Those I do think will be interacted with and changed quite often…

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have zero investment in making the ball go blink blink blink vs blinky blinky. excellent idea for workshop! (not led by me :P). No cuntblocking here, just trying to optimize while I’m already getting the same equipment for the tubes in the square :slight_smile: For clarification - I’ve only ordered one HUZZAH controller and that’s for the square

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