Motornörd <3 angelica

Hey kids!

This Saturday (28/11), the youtube channel Motornörd might do an episode about my car , Angelica the Uncelica. I thought that frihamnstorget would be a cool location to shoot in, and @hampus had some idea about making kind of an hangout (maybe with bomb barbecue) at the same time. A bit of a short headsup but lets talk. :slight_smile:


Would be a lovely thing if it came to pass!

Corona-compatible outdoor chillout and BBQ on the square!

Who’s up for it?
To be clear I’m not going to be able to organize it, but I will do my best to attend.

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Im down if my foot is feeling up for it. Need to stay off it as much as possible. Can we stay warm though?

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Yeah no problem. We’ll just bring down and light up the fire pit. 1 min job with the forklift.

Ok, for me then it depends on what the doc says. I am calling today to get recommendations on what I can/cannot do etc. so I will have to let you know on this one

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naijss. im down :slight_smile:

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Not here this weekend, have fun loves

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To be clear we shouldn’t be more than 8 people in total and only people that interact in and around the house anyway. Except for the film crew of course.

Studies have shown that outdoor transmission is quite unlikely.

To be clear I agree, covid respect is super important!

What time are we talking? I will be around Blivande in the day and pick up some things

Douglas seems to be unable to say a precise time of day… so maybe this will be hard to arrange and well just do the thing whenever he shows up without BBQ and stuff. Too bad so sad because good idea but yeah

I’m down!

OK, were doing it at 09.00 tomorrow, so might be a bit early for BBQ, but now you know :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget to post a link to the Youtube-video here @Emanu!


unfortunately it was too noisy to record around frihamnstorget :frowning:

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