Mossutställningar give-away

Our friend att Mossutställningar are giving away some of their decors - including every custom made thing on these photos. Including a stage (picture 1), a massive portal (picture 2), a bar (picture 3) and a bunch of signs.

Do we want these things for Frihamnstorget? Everything is packed up and in pieces. Most of it is very close by - in storage at Stora Skuggan, except two pieces of the bar that are at Ekerö.

All we need to do is to pick it up before the end of December, if we want any of it.

Do we want it for Frihamnstorget?

Ping @NinaLindberg, @Simon, @Frida_Simon, @missChief, @elch, @Thedodod, @hampus, @Joannis-Magnus

I don’t think they follow the easthetics at frihamnstorget and they also look qiute temporarily made.

I don’t think thedecor Will stay Nice being outside al year around ( Aldo during wingter with west weather).
Det kommer sinka till sig fort tyvärr som det mesta där ute. Slits fort.
Tycker vi står över.

I love the red lips (upside down smile) with those eyes, is soo cool for any big entrance, like the one that gives entrance to the parking lot?..

My personal opinion is that the decors don’t match the rest of the style of the square…
But I think Frida’s post make a more important point. That wooden decor outside (especially during the winter) will soon look trashy…
It’s nice they wants to give it to us but I think it’s better we wait and build something ourself that looks like we want it and that will stand the weather for a longer time…

Näe, agree with previous statments: not in style for FT, not well made, and will not last outside. I think we should skip.

ditto. we can do better!