Modeling Frihamnen

Idea for a potential project/collaboration to get a really nice 3d model of frihamnstorget and maybe the whole harbour:
(Would be nice to have a quick chat @hugi if that could be interesting for the harbour people or the municipality)

I would like to collaborate with city skylines and some of their modders, in particular with the girl from this video:

Luca has met her for this video and she is very nice, lives in denmark and is probably happy for anykind of project and aretiation of her work. She is self taught and build amazing models of industrial areas.

She could make a great 3d model of the Frihamnstorget and maybe the whole harbor area if we could maybe find a little budget from municipality or something like this? Getting a high quality 3d model of the area could be very atractive to the harbor people potentially isn’t it? And if we do it with the modder it can be a lot more fun and beautiful and used for project panning around Frihamnstorget, PLATO and also a lot cheaper than any other way to do this.

This is the quality of the 3d models she makes (for fun!):


and that’s her :slight_smile:


(moved this into it’s own post after initially posting it under the frihamnstorget presentation to not derail that topic which needs to be focused right now)

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ping @hampus or @hugi would you maybe have time for a 15 minute chat with me about that idea so I could start reaching out and developing a bit further if you see some value in it?

I think it would be amazing! But what sort of budget would we be talking about?

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would not need to be much. I think currently she is searching for a job and does this work out of passion, but I think she should get paid for it. So I think I could reach out and offer whatever we could organise. As a bare minimum I would like to offer transport and location for a visit here (from denmark) but above that, it is more about showing her that that is valued and if it adds value to another project of to the harbor people, then she should receive something for it. What do you think would be possible?

doing it through a game opens up other posibilities and models .

It’s probably a tough time to find budget for anything at the harbor or city level, but I will keep it in mind, I really like the idea of having a 3D map to work with. I also have no idea how this works since I have not played Skylines yet.

fair enough. But let’s see what’s possible :). A small model of the torget can maybe be done for fun and then be used to pitch to the harbor to get budget to build more. One of the nice things is that you can film in the game and that way create really valuable film material for many projects.


Skylines is actually on my list as the next game that I will play. Really looking forward to it when I have the time!

Let’s check with her about it, if she wants to do it. It could be cool to have a 3D model plan Frihamnstorget, for sure. We have some travel budget in Plato, so we could at the very least pay for her travel. Maybe she could just model our house and Frihamnstorget?

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And actually, I see what you mean … If she were to model all of Frihamnen we could play with it to imagine what it could look like in the future. Build a little utopian idea. I think we should try to see it we can achieve it. Maybe there are some small grants we could go for?

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I think it would also be in the interest of the harbor or who ever deals with the development of the area.

I’ll iniate the first small steps and we see how we can grow it :).

We’ll also get some keys for the game for sure

Huh, looks like it has already been done for exactly this area!
We should try to get that model.


ok, will see how to get in contact there :slight_smile: to combine that with location specific mods should be great :slight_smile:

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today this could look a lot nicer

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That would be super cool!


This was actually the reason why I asked Luca for the copy of Skylines last year. I wanted to use it primarily to map out the island project that I was still involved with then but also Frihamnen. Would be lovely to get her onboard with this.

How portable are the models created in Skylines to other platforms/3D engines etc?

The custom made mods would be created with blender, so they could be exported and used in lot’s of other platforms and 3d engines. Exporting the whole grid would be more of a problem I think. But the items/buildings, yes.