Microsolidarity 5 day learning program

My friend Richard Bartlett is offering five 90 minute sessions on Microsolidarity, an idea that we have been inspired to start trying out at Blivande.

Option 1: May 11-15 @ 6pm CEST
Option 2: May 25-29 @ 9am CEST

Microsolidarity is a methodology for peer-to-peer support that helps people to grow together. Join us for this Practice Week if you want…

  • to develop a work culture where people care about each other’s wellbeing and growth
  • to cultivate deeper connections and more collaboration within a network
  • to initiate more learning, mutual aid, and a sense of belonging within your community


We have decided to have Edgeryders Nordic offer to pay for this short course for anyone who has worked with Blivande (doing work for Beta or Tau or for the events, working for a Blivande or SenseStack project like BBU or Plato, working to improve Frihamnstorget).

I will take the course myself. We are initially capping the tickets we offer to 8 people, so let me know in this thread if you are interested and want to attend this course.

Ping @hampus, @Linnea, @Sero, @SofiaAnner, @jakobskote, @kimgajraj, @elch, @MariaEuler, @Jomi, @jonasjohansson, @bobspeakman, @NinaLindberg, @Frida_Simon, @Simon, @annielocke, @Joannis-Magnus and others!


I’m in of course!

It clashes just a bit on the 15th with this course about 3D printing for hospitals that I’ve also applied to. But shouldn’t be a big problem.

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I’m in too!

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I want to join too!

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Interested for the 25-29 part!

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I think there is no clash. Looks like the 3D printing course is 12:00-13:00 and the Microsolidarity is 18:00-19:30.

Also, what an amazing course!

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I would like to join please!

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Hey​:heavy_heart_exclamation: Aaa oooo​:heart: Splendid​:partying_face::purple_heart:. Im also interested to join ,thanx​:pray:. :rose::gift_heart::cherry_blossom:

I’m available for the first session

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I would love to join the first session round (11-15) :slight_smile:

All slots are now full. :slight_smile:
@Simpykatt, we discussed who we would limit the slots to, and this time we decided to make them available for those who are working for either Blivande, Edgeryders or SenseStack and members of Tau or Frihamnstorget who are working on big projects. I also offered this to the Edgeryders Directors. There will be more opportunities for courses later. On my count, these are the participants:

Option 1: May 11-15
@hugi, @hampus, @SofiaAnner, @NinaLindberg, @kimgajraj, @bobspeakman, @MariaEuler

Option 2: May 25-29
@jonasjohansson, @alberto, @noemi1

If anyone wants to switch between options or if I got the preference wrong, let me know. I’ll give it another couple of days before I finalize with Richard. Actually, if someone wants to switch to Option 2 it would mean more overlap with @alberto and @noemi1 in Edgeryders which would be good!


However, if someone from Blivande is heartbroken to miss the course, I will gladly give her or him my place. My main goal in taking the course is to increase the common ground between Blivande and Edgeryders, and a gesture of goodwill also does that!


Ok!Let me know if There gets a slot Free and when. Much love and huge hug and take care and thanx and a beautiful evening.

Hej.ok. I answered Lower down also to the Alberto guy. Let me know if There gets a slot Free. Otherwhise too and we keep in Touch.Much love, thanx and a beautiful evening,take care and huge hug!

This sounds perfect, I could be up for switching to option 2 aswell!

Unfortunately, option 2 was just postponed, @alberto, @noemi1 and @jonasjohansson. It will now happen later in June.

I’m just about to get the invoice for the course next week, we’re all good to go @hampus, @SofiaAnner, @kimgajraj, @bobspeakman, @NinaLindberg, @MariaEuler?


Yes!! Super excited for this :heart:

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I am in :slight_smile:

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