- interesting complement to Containertjänst

Looking up MCR now, a GBG-based container company recommended by Mathias Gullbrandson. They are building him a custom 20’ container now to be used as his tiny summer house.

They are active all over Sweden and seem to be more experienced with custom containers than Containertjänst judging from their website. They explicitly work with event containers and have plenty of interesting examples on their site (professional kitchen containers etc.), including an ice cream container seen below:

I will contact them and see if they would be interested in working with us (without compromising the Containertjänst deal of course).

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I’ve been in touch with Jacob Johansson at MCR today and also mailed over some of the renderings and other info.

His interest is piqued but leaning towards the lukewarm side. I don’t think they will go for some kind of partnership from my first impression.

They seem to regard themselves as without the need for any further marketing or branding improvement when it comes to event containers (market leaders). I’ve planted a seed in the message that it might be in their long-term interest to maintain this position by not giving their competition opportunities to catch up but we’ll see what he replies after seeing the images. He could also simply be cautious before knowing what we can deliver.

Check out some of their other projects (café containers, ice cream container mentioned above, bar containers etc.)

I didn’t know they were behind the containerville at GBG Central station, but it makes perfect sense of course.