Maybe interesting links and events


this thread of for collecting events and links that might be interesting/are topically conected.

I am planning to go to this conference on Science Communication in Goteborg:

for example this two workshops sound intersting and potenlly relavent in the context here, and for sure relavant for my own praxis:

  • Involvera flera i medborgarforskning
    Lotta W Tomasson, Vetenskap & Allmänhet

  • I mötet mellan vetenskap och seriekonst: Om konsten att veta och skapa tillsammans
    Axel Brechensbauer, Grow AB och The Research Comic Group & Anna Jonsson, Lunds universitet och The Research Comic Group

(October 1st)


Great site explaining how mechanical and other things work…essential viewing! by a retired professor. Animations explain principles useful for your creative project, power generation and even Arduino too!

Green/alternative music festival creation and research that was mentioned during the wirtschaft and were conference. Thought that might be relevant to Frihamnstorget and potential festivals.

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