May I use these cables?


Hi, looking around for stuff for my Bordeland dream. There is a blue Ikea bag in room#2 (träverkstad), that has lots of cabels and wires. There are 4 speaker cables, one ”power cable bundle” 6 shorter red/black cables and 10 femal/male connectors. Is it OK that I use these, and who do I owe and how much?
Ping @Ollxor.


These might be mine. A but sifficult to know since things have moved around by the hands of others :wink: But lets assume they are mine.

You may use these cables! I will probably have need for them at some time but anyway :wink:

If you judge that there is a lack of these types of cables in tau, please replace them in the short future. Kjell, biltema, clas ohlson et.c are good places to buy them. Alrighty?


Thanks Olle. I do think the Ikea bag was your stuff.

Im sort of thinking that its better to use and reuse old stuff rather then to just cut up new lengths of cables. Of course thats if they arent being used!

Ill scout around a bit more next time, and see if we gave more mint condition cables with these dimensions. If not, Ill see if we can get some more. Driving 5v leds en masse needs thicker then 20awg cables.