Magnets purchase from AliExpress

Hi guys, posted in the fb-chatt, but to please @hugi I will post here too (how would he otherwise see it?).

l’m using this store, cause they have N50 magnets which are harder to find on Aliexpress. Let me know before sunday if you are interested in something and I’ll put together an order.


I’m good mate. Got so many magnets.

What to do with so many magnets? Not sure.

Use of the forum is great, I have the chat group ignored cuz group chats are death. But I feel sense of adventure looking through the forum :smiley: (my life is exciting yay!)

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Cool, but I’m also interested in what it is you’re doing with all those magnets? :laughing:

I’m making connections, hookups, enabling attraction … so much you can do with magnets. That and connecting pentagram frames making dodecahedrons without glue.

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@cecilia_ulfsdotter here’s your chance to buy big magnets for your paintings in the container. :slight_smile:

(background is that we discussed ways of hanging paintings in the gallery container and I suggested magnets)

I also have probably too many magnets, but I am very easily tempted for more. may one pack of 100 from those: ? can I swish you for it?

I’m buying these through my company, so no swish. Can I invoice you and you pay though bg?

i think so, is bg just bank transfer?