Love bombs of gratitude!

Just want to express my gratitude here to our newest forum member @Joannis-Magnus who spent a full night earlier this week cleaning up Tau. Looks much better now!
He also removed some unnecessary thresholds so things are now easier to roll around (look in the doorways to the wood room and the “random room” with the entrance).

I also want to deeply thank @Simon for all his recent work with decluttering the Flex room and starting the process of turning it into a photo studio! It’s going to be a big upgrade to the whole building once it’s finished. To help things along @spargeltarzan and I have booked all of Friday to make sure we can finally relieve the room of the dominating presence of the unused laser cutter and move it to its permanent home in the new container.

Please be mindful of Simon’s ongoing work and don’t leave things in there haphazardly without prior communication (the group chat is probably most suitable for that kind of short-term communication). Easier said than done as I failed doing so just the other day. Let’s all try to establish a new routine around this!

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