Lost n Found

We have a fair bit of stored up clothes that has been collecting dust for the past months.

I have laid them out in the techno temple, please have a look if something is yours.
If you find something you like that you would want to be yours, take a photo of it and ask if someone else is claiming, otherwise please take it home.
Things that haven’t been claimed by Sunday the 28/6 will be gifted to a thrift shop.

There are also a few things hanging, recognize anything?

  1. We get kinda naked
  2. We put on raging catwalk music
  3. We put it all on and throw a messer!

You found my hat! Oh how I missed it this winter. I shall get it in August when I come back!


I hope you got a friendly soul that saw this and is keeping it safe. I couldn’t see it today when I was in the house

Its still there on the floor.

No, it’s one one of the shelves in the red room in Beta.