Lost & Found, cleaning out thread

General thread to post about lost and found stuff and cleaning out doing purging misplaced stuff and so on. So that it’s all in one place!


Can you pinn this post please?

I ping people that are a lot in the house so they know. @NinaLindberg @cecilia_ulfsdotter @Alex.Colard @Emanu


Please post detailed pictures of stuff and try to tag people that you might think know about it.

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@Alex.Colard, are these yours or?

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I think these belong to @Ollxor

They are locked in nickes room, i will leave them there for now but must be moved soon!

yes they are, as it says on the post it between them

this is mine as well, again, as it says on the discreet post it behind the flowers

they are mine as it says on the post it between them

When do you think these things can be moved out of Blivande @Alex.Colard? Any estimate?

Before the end of January if they don’t bother anyone, so in 2-3weeks

Thanks! Ill come deal with my stuff after new years.

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Scarf on the chair put in the wardrobe

And pair of socks


Scissors that were on the big table in middle earth room

@Alex.Colard, now you can post away, here again, to help people and objects find each other again :). Thank you We will look into the setting here.

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