Lights for the sauna

Im looking for coloured lights on prder to make the sauna shine and light up the square.

Any suggestions?

Preferrably warm lights or red lights, but im open to suggestions.

@guff, do you have any blinkies lying around?

I have pixels and microcontrollers, but you can grab that from the electronics room.
I don’t have anything readymade around.

Maybe @jonasjohansson?

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Nothing readymade either, same as @guff.

Honestly, I might rent some lights from say Eventopia or similar, just to do a test, or lights from any tech-rental who rents out sounds for parties etc.

What I think would work very well for you guys is a bunch of simple LED-strips with say, a pre-configured LED-controller and remote.

Something like this:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

I didn’t research these ready-made options, just searched quickly, but something like that might be good?

Yeah or something that works well with an app such as LED Chord (like the strip in the hallway created by @guff). Then anyone passing by with the app can play around with it.

So my question maybe was a bit poorly formulated… we will make some form of light installation in it for the finished result, and I gladly have discussions around that separetely.

Right now we just want some coloured light units to put inside the sauna in order for it to shine colourfully… my solution right now is to have two white lights inside, but maybe there is something more fun laying around waiting for the next time it’s needed…

Is there a shifting colour spotlight/red lamp or similar that we can put inside until the real light installation is in place (or however long you feel like)?

White lights with color gels or similar if you want to go real low-fi.

For now it will be white, i think it looks cool this way :slight_smile:

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