Let's help each other apply to Kulturbryggan

It’s time again to write applications for all those weird freaky ideas we’ve been imagining over the last 6 months. Kulturbryggan opens for a new round of applications on August 17th.

I would like to invite this community to collaborate transparently on co-creating applications. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let’s come up with some weird shit! Let this be your guiding light: weird is good, really fucking weird is really fucking good. Don’t hold back on the weird.

A quick primer on Kulturbryggan: It’s a Swedish arts-funding body that especially funds art and culture that is innovative and that could not find funding elsewhere because of its eclectic nature. Our community has been very successful with Kulturbryggan in the past, and those of us who have received funding include @hampus, @jakobskote, @Frida_Simon, @Nicke, myself, and others. Blivande itself was made possible through a grant from Kulturbryggan, and we also got a grant from them to build the Dreams and Realities systems for the Borderland.

Over the years, we have developed a good understanding of what Kulturbryggan is looking for, and what questions a successful application might have to address.

I have made a new site on Dreams as a sort of “collaboration generation engine” for Blivande Kulturbryggan projects. Our idea is that if we all put our projects up on that generator platform, we can help each other develop ideas that really hit the mark and have that “little extra” that pushes them through to success. I have started by putting four different ideas up there that I am working on with various people.


Based on my experience, I have also formulated a number of questions that are important to answer when drafting an application. Some of those questions are actually from the official form and some of them are from the criteria. You should answer these to help you draft an application, but you will still have to combine them into the final form, which is limited to 10,000 characters.

I’m thinking that sharing our projects like this before applying can lead to the following:

  • We can help each other “level up” applications
  • Applications can be combined into stronger projects
  • We can find co-creators for our ideas
  • We can help each other write good budgets

Ping @blivande-members and @Frihamnstorget

Thank you @hugi, this is a great resource and initiative :slight_smile:

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Do we accept out of town initiatives?
I know some artists in Göteborg that might be interested in doing something here (when the time comes for events opening up again) that were interested in making something permanent when I mentioned the platform to them.

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Sure, as long as it’s something with the intention of somehow contributing to Blivande and the community!

I thought some permanent artwork for FHT or Blivande would be cool.

They are part of a collective in GB called La Fenetre Secrete and they mix art into their parties

We want to collab anyway on an event and when I mentioned the dreams platform they were pretty excited about the prospect of budgeted artwork that would be permanent here at Blivande.