Kroki Cirkel After Work Stockholm; lets make Stockholm drink less and draw more nudes after work!

Dear Corona Survivors,

Lets drink less and draw more nude models after work. Once corona panic has settled I will be arranging a kroki cirkel (lifedrawing cirkle) after work every Friday in the techno temple at Blivande at Frihamnen, the port of Stockholm.

The layout will be like any other lifedrawing circle with a nude modell posing in the middle and people sitting in a circle around the modell drawing. But with a little bit of a twist because there will be music and drinks for sale, giving it a little bit more of an afterwork relaxed feel.

There will be a theme each week on different drawing techniques for those who want to learn the basics of drawing, but it is also ok to just rock up and do your own thing.

We aim to cater both for those who just want to draw and those who wants to learn something - and those who wants to socialise a little.

There will be 2, 5, 10, and 20 minutes poses for 2 hours with a 15 min break in the middle, starting from 18 - 20. People are also welcome to stay after for as long as we are open.

People will need to bring their own materials but we provide model and pillows to sit on. Since the floor in the techno temple is already soft its not a disaster if we run out of pillows.

I will be leading the first classes but I am happy to have people to help me so we can do this in shifts, that way no one is bound to attend every Friday. People needed for every shift is one model, one “circle leader”, and one DJ/bartender. The circle leader is to tell the model when to switch poses and to introduce the course to all the participants. The DJ/bartender needs to do bartender during the break and after for those who stay after the drawing is finished to socialise.

For now I am thinking modell will get 500kr, plus tip. The circle leader and dj/bartender might get something too in the long run if this is successful, maybe 400kr per event as well. But for the first times it will only be the model that gets paid, until we get a lot of people coming. Feel free to give your opinion about this because I am not sure what is regarded as fair by everyone.

Entrance is 100 kr and food and beverage prices same as any other blivande event.

Remaining profits will go towards blivande. So for the first event we have to make more than 500kr to gain profits, for future events more than 1300kr if we are to pay the rest of the arrangers.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or if you wish to be a model, circle leader or dj/barstaff.

Stay healthy xxxxx


I can help out at the first event, with beats & treats. (Drinks & Music)

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Amazing thankxxx

:gift_heart: music,maybe more later on. Also to do the painting/drawing.But yes music dj!:gift_heart:

Great! Thanks dear x