Kitchen / Restaurant container painting

Hi everyone, here is my proposal for the torget,
if i understood correctly the entire point of this project is to take old, rusty, damaged containers and refurbish them to give them a fresh new look, a new life and a new function! so i propose to make them pop.


Exciting! This will be such a lift for the square. Bob and might want to wait with painting the green container, but let’s see.

I would love to show you Bob and my mood board for the secret experience.


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and since the upstairs container is yours, we can forget about the cloud idea for now, lets focus on the eye and lips, that i can paint with the same colors as your windows Nina,

i will work on finding an appropriate spot for a hand on one of the side, since it is another strong symbol that represents the concept of the square itself very well, handmade, work, lines of life, perhaps we can add some hand painting motif like henna to make it more intricate and culturally diverse and interesting.

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I like the idea of making the sides of those two containers pop with a unified theme. To clarify @Alex.Colard, are you proposing to actually paint them too?

I like the idea of rays coming out of the eye, although I’m not as sure about the lips-theme.

We’ve had a little bit of a fling with Jodorowski at Blivande, hosted by @Sero. Perhaps we could use The Holy Mountain as a theme and work with the eye from there?



all looks good to me, as long as you don’t paint the yellow or the red containers, I really like the colours paired with the rusty decay. I also already like the turquoise kitchen container as it is, but I might be the only one. I do on the other hand highly support painting the other side of the beckmans container and the short side.

Basically I support painting any container that has already been repainted except obviously the side swoons are already working on.


The sketches looks super!

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that looks really good, since the rainbow has such a strong significance already, i believe that it would label the restaurant and promote it to a certain type of clientele, i think that the concept of the kitchen / restaurant is much wider than the rainbow community,

i like the sun set design, tho, its another type of radiance, i like it better than mine actually, the sketch will come


Big yes to this Holy Mountain rainbow theme! Think it would work really well, especially if some of the old patina blue of the container is saved on the edges. The sharp contrast between the organic, rusty wear and a newly painted rainbow gradient as seen on the poster would be really good.

We could even build a black and a white pillar to hold up the eyelid when the cafe is open!

No, you’re not alone by any means. Several people including myself agree with you. I know @jakobskote feels strongly for the old patina of the containers. Most containerparks/boxparks in the world are characterized by containers being repainted and remolded to make them seem “new” or non-industrial. I like how Frihamnstorget partly differs here and dares to be unpolished.

Best results in my experience often come with strong contrasts between old and new; shiny and rusty; organic and inorganic etc.


Agree with Hampus and Cecilia, I love the old patina. It does, of course, need something to be contrasted with though. Nicke had the nice idea of painting one of the sides of them in something vantablack-ish, to make the unpainted sides pop.

I think the Jodorowski colour theme works very well with the existing colours of the containers.

Another reason to keep the old patina is that it’s much less work. It will be a generation or two before the steel is rusted through, but if it’s just painted over without properly cleaned, then the rust will ruin the paint in a year.


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I like it! Nice that you’ve also taken the time to make a realistic sketch!

One thing that I like with the whole eyelid-functionality of the cafe is that it has two modes. Open and closed; awake and asleep. With this painting it would be constantly “awake” regardless of whether it’s open or not. I would prefer if the actual eye is hidden under the lid and only visible when the cafe container is open. Naturally this means that the beautiful eye is not present most of the time as it is now, but hopefully the cafe will be more of a constant, daily thing next season or the one after that.

Basically, I find the idea of the “sleeping container” very cute and appealing. Adds a certain calmness to the space.


Really like it! And it could also work to integrate with the comment Hampus had.

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Awesome!!! :slight_smile:

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Yes tomorrow Thursday new rendering


Thank you

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Yes good idea with the vanta black,

I already scrubbed the paint that is falling of 3weeks ago, but if you have any idea how to properly clean it / help me do it, it would be awesome

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@hugi @hampus @Simon @jakobskote @cecilia_ulfsdotter @NinaLindberg

I love it! <3 And if @bobspeakman and @NinaLindberg would like, it could also be cool to paint the iris of the eye on the wall of the kitchen! Could make for a nice effect.

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I will of course make sure when I paint it (next week if The Higher Power is willing) that when the colors go from vertical to the curve, they are symmetrical.

Anyone can help me to clean the rust and I have a supplier to purchase the spray paint, but who do I talk to about numbers?