Kidtopia weekend in February 2021

Hi, I was asked by the Kidtopia people if it is they can arrange Kidtopia on a weekend in February 2021. Preferably Feb 13-14, but other weekends are also possible. Which Saturday is available that month? @hampus @hugi

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Great initiative!

Who are the Kidtopia people? Are they Node members? I think it’s important that there is still someone on the Node side who will be present at all times, and who can take responsibility for the cleaning to be done correctly and on time, as well as to carry out any potential child-securing of the facilities.

Currently, only February 27th is booked in February, so the weekend of February 13th-14th can be booked. I will leave it to @hampus to have the last word.


Been missing the Kidtopia events, and now that I’m becoming a parent myself I’ll get more involved. We’re planning other kids+parents-activities in the house.

Tell them to email me at or write me here on the forum.

Just bumping this thread, still haven’t heard from anyone about this.

This is prel booked in the teamup calendar 13-14 Feb. Frida Axiö seem to be the current lead on it.

We’ll only do a one day thing I think on Sunday the 14th. So not on the 13th.

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