Junk for an Always Becoming Dream

Hi everyone!

We* are working on a dream for Always Becoming where we will be attaching contact microphones to different objects and turn them into instruments. The concept is to give a container a voice, so the aesthetic is industrial.


  1. Do you have advice on go-to places for junk/scrap metal? Any favourite dumpster diving spots? Is there stuff laying around at Blivande that no one is using?

  2. Is there a container we could evacuate on Work is Play on July 24th to bring our PA system for some testing?

It is our first project at Blivande, so we are unaware of the basic how-tos and where-tos.

We would love to collaborate with more people (especially with lighting and upcycle sculptures), more will be posted on the dream platform.



have you tried playing water? :grinning:
A former project i created for children to simulate communications of marine mammals and natural coding by submerging some 2 euro guitar pick ups in water: https://kidscoda.github.io/


@cecilia_ulfsdotter, the yellow container is beeing emptied for your exhibition in august, correct? Could it be used for some sound test in the 24th of July?

Hello @SebastianStlind, I checked with @cecilia_ulfsdotter, her exhibition is starting the 28th, you are welcome to do your soundchecks in the empty container on the 24th.

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Great! Thanks @MariaEuler!

Just to make sure - before we start arranging lending a car to move our PA - is there a small PA-system at Blivande that we could use to do some testing with?

Define small. @Manne

Sure! movable that fits in a container @hampus

yes, go ahead! Just be careful with the artworks that is already in there, and all the lights.

You could use Piezo elements they are cheap and easy to waterproof being so slim and they are cheap. The shop below even sells tape heads so that is another way to make sounds!

I have some, you can also see this Czech site for some interesting parts.

A can is a container so a metal can with a plastic top makes an excellent percussive instrument.

OK, that’s still quite vague though. :slight_smile:

We have Audiocases in the house that you can borrow for example. Equivalent to a tiny PA but stronger than most portable speakers.

Then Olle has been storing a small double active speaker PA at Tau for quite some time. Don’t know if it’s still there? @Ollxor

Those two active speakers seems like a good option! The Audiocases might be too small to do a proper soundcheck. Sorry for the vaguery.

@Ollxor, if you still have them there and would be OK with us testing out some sounds it’d be very helpful. Otherwise we’ll find a solution for our PA!

Thanks! @hampus

O have 4 passive outdoor speakers. Leftovers from a 2011 burning man project :smiley: the amp is gone though.

Would be great if they were used in a good way! Check in tomorrow friday?

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Cool! We have arranged the moving of our PA so it’s not needed now. Maybe we can do some intersting things with them another time!

Thanks @Ollxor!

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