January 2021 urgent To-do list

While updating the Realities section for the Node, I am noticing some crucial things missing that need to be both communicated out and created. I will make a list here of what I deem to be urgent, so that we can adress it as. soon as possible.

  • creating guidelines on what type of events the Node hosts (eg. non-secular…)
  • proactively have a strategy to look for grants and funding we are eligible for
  • To-do list of the next investments to come
  • Write down Noden governance model (in my option decentralized and inspired by Borderland, take the learning from what was not good eg. having only one person behind big decisions. )
  • Post on equipment inventory, which we can use to show workshop leaders
  • Have a thread about finance, the plan for the future and how we are doing for transparency purposes.
  • Write clear and available guidelines as to what posts are allowed on the Facebook pages
  • Check out the website and update it