Is the metalworkshop included in the TAU membership?

Hi Peoples,

Hope youre staying healthy and happy. I was wondering about the metalworkshop, is it a communal space that is included in my memebership at TAU?
If so, How do I book it? Is there any machines that need some sort of course?

All the love,


There is not a clear cut answer to that. It belongs to Tobi aka @elch, and he is responsible for it. It’s up to Tobi to set boundaries around this and decide what is feasible.

Personally, I’m really excited by the idea of more community metal work.

Would it be possible to use parts of the workshop when suitable for you @elch???

come by on sunday or give me a call, then we can see what you need.

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Ive been sick and away, how are you? I’ll be back at Blivande from Monday, when will you be back?
Hope I’ll see you soon,

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I’m there most evenings and weekends but just check with me when you come

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