Invitation to the Secret Experience

Dear awesome community,

The Secret Experience is ready to open its doors for a first series of dinners and we would be thrilled if you want to come! We’re gonna host 7 test dinners in the second half of September where the goal is to try out all the elements of our experience, see how it flows and get more ideas of what we can add. We have already been doing these experiences in various locations all over the world for the past four years, so even if it is a test dinner it will be :ok_hand:

What is important to us at this stage is to have guests that like to play and have fun and that can enjoy the ride even if it is a bit rough around some edges.

It is a 3 course dinner and magical adventure
The price is 850kr per person (half price compared to the final dinner)
The experience takes about 1,5 hours

We only take groups of 8-10 people so our idea is that it could be fun to create a group with people from Blivande who wants to share the experience together.

How can you book?
The best way is to gather a group of friends that wants to join. Then reach out to me (Nina) on the forum or call/sms me at 0728-590215. You’ll then get your own secret code to book a dinner.

In a few days we’ll also open up two evenings for smaller groups, pairs or if you want to go on your own. Stay tuned in this thread for those dates.

With love,
Nina and Bob

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Yeah I’m keen, anyone else who wants to go with me?


I’m up for it @cecilia_ulfsdotter!

I’m interested in going with friends from Blivande and/or with friends outside of the community :slight_smile:

I am also up to go with Blivande folks :hugs:

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@NinaLindberg hate to be that person, but can I eat (vegan) and can my partner eat (allergic to sesame, hazelnut — cashew, almond, peanut OK)? Or, will we have a less amazing experience than the others? :smiley:

Finally it’s happening! Yay!

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That is totally fine. You will have an equally amazing experience :slight_smile:

Perhaps an even greater experience :smiley:

I just realised I’m away from mid Sep to early Oct. Will have to catch this at some other time :confused:

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Great! Shall be gather a team somehow? @darkturo @DianaMO @jonasjohansson @hugi

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I already joined a crew :slight_smile:

I’m keen and I’m plus 1 (me and Rose Hallgren)! I should be available in October for this ( travelling Sept )

Can I be in your team?? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

yes of course! I have already booked a ticket for the 25th of September tho, but book it!

Hey I have already booked a ticket for the 25th of September because that’s the only day they single tickets, but you can book that if you want to join me

Im up for this, @cecilia_ulfsdotter is the team full?

no I don’t think so, text Nina and ask : ))

@Thedodod @ben.english

Hooray, I have successfully booked the 25th Sept for Secret Experience :smiley:

Hola @cecilia_ulfsdotter!
I forgot that I can’t on the 25th! :frowning: