These seem like they should be very easy to build at Blivande? @Ollxor, @bobspeakman, @DavidGiertta, @spargeltarzan, @guff?

Yes, very easy to make! Can easily be cut with plunge saw and attached with silicone.

I would suggest 4-5mm acrylic or polycarbonate. 3 would probably work good as well. Especially if its polycarbonate. I have a few sheets. The holes can be cut with jigsaw or laser cutter.

Plastic can be order from Jan o Mattson, Bauhaus, Biltema and many other places!

Had a quick word with @NicklasO and he was hesitant on the necessity. @JonasAnselmby is checking in in with Västra-Götalands regionen.

What demand have you seen for these intubationboxes?