Hi I have lots of Dreams and ideas. I see that they are possible to fulfill in Blivande Tau studio. I would love to know you better and to introduce my self to you.

Lots in my Dreams is about creating cooperative networks of people with different skills and knowledge to design MultiSymbiotic results. I have experience with coo-creating projects with NGOs and with lots of different artists, I was running MultiArtLab project connecting electronic musicians, video artists, dancers and performers and other arts creators in weekly released events. I was studying Interior Architecture on Academy of Fine Arts In Warsaw and I have Dreams connected with micro/compact/modular architecture and furniture; design of useful (kind of Jams Bond) jewelry and accessories, design with materials with extraordinary characteristics like collecting energy or waves. I have many more Dreams like connecting within project - “Lots of Garden-Atlantas in the City” number of artists, architects, gardeners doing workshops for nearby people, social workers, bee :honeybee: kippers, communal officials and money and more to design MultiSymbiotic repeatable system.

I was super impressed with your “Being” in so friendly and full of potentials house during Urban Burn and maybe I will have opportunity to continue this extraordinary experience during Borderland coo-creation (if two more memberships will be accessible for me and my wonderful SoulSmuggling man).


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Maybe, if I will visit Blivande at Monday 17.06, I will have opportunity to meet and speak with someone from your team?
All the best :four_leaf_clover:
Katarzyna :sparkles::star2::sparkles:


Glad to meet you here @kassjas! Welcome! This all sounds great. We’re in the house tomorrow, when were you thinking of coming to visit? Looking forward to seeing you.


We’re all here today, feel free to come and visit for a tour!


Seems I come to late I have some time consuming task, taking longer than I thought this afternoon but I have been talking with Peer and he will be in Blivande after 16:30
Maybe you will tell me when is best time to come?