Introduction of me

Hej Tau!

My name is Ida and Im interested in joining your community!

Im a visual artist and musician working in a wide spectrum of mediums but regardless of the medium I mainly work with rituals, in songs, in rooms, in performance, in video, sculpture or installation. I have a bachelor in fine arts and basic knowledge of most materials and technics, digital or hand crafted.

I am looking for a space where me and my ideas can expand in a room and in the meeting with other creative minds and bodies. I am looking for a space where dreams have a wild space to grow in and where I can be of benefit for other peoples ideas aswell as i hold much knowledge, love, curiosity and joy to create.

So a space where I can use workshops for materializing dreams, and bump in to other dreams, try out some rituals, get sucked into cocreative dreams, find a corner to make some paintings and have a fikabreak with someone now and then would be great. Am i in the right place and space with such needs and dreams?

If so id be happy to come visit you!

Lots of love!


Hi Ida,

welcome! Looking forward to see your ideas expanding and maybe I am inside or outside looking in and out.

When would you want to visit? I will be around on October 1st during 9-15.

Hi @Vildheart, and welcome! Tau could be what you are looking for, especially [in combination with Noden]( which lives under the same roof as, and in symbiosis with, Blivande. Especially in the evenings, Monday to Thursday, you would find people here to explore with. More of a bridge between the activities of Tau and Noden would be very welcome. As with many things at Blivande, it really is what you make of it. You would have many of the building blocks at your disposal, but you’d have to find your crew and start setting the wheels in motion towards your particular dreams.

In your case, I would recommend you come during the Node opening hours and make sure one of us is there so that we could also show you around Tau. @Linnea, I think you are more aware of the Node schedule right now, do you have an idea for a good day?

Hi @Vildheart,
Glad to hear you are interested in joining us.
The node has activities most days and adjacent to the activities people gather, share some snacks and good talks. There is massage on Mondays, singing on Wednesdays, dancing on Thursday’s and drumming on Sunday’s, also once a month during Sunday’s you’ll find Safe stage. This is the reoccurring workshops but every now and then there will be a one time event that shows up. This is a link to the nodes calendar and if you have any questions about the workshops I’d be happy to explain.

Also, I’m available in the house most days and would be happy to show you around Tau.