Introduction - A growing Art room?

Hi everyone!

I´m Linda and I am a designer, Couture Artist, Guest Lecturer AND I am NEW HERE!

I´ve met Hugi and some of you before and I am looking forward to moving in.
With me I´d like to bring my growing materials that I am working on for an upcoming exhibition at Sven-Harrys next year and some other future projects.

Mainly I use dried petals and bio-synthetic textiles that I grow of hibiscus and sugar in small containers to create a symbiotic bacteria and yest culture, also named Kombucha leather (yes, you can drink it and it does not get moldy!)
Completely harmless and biodegradable, but sometimes a little vinaigrette odor.

I also have a small ongoing silk experiment to create my own grown Peace silk.
This includes a small plastic container of silkworms 20x20cm that are happily chewing mulberry chow and growing rapidly and hopefully soon they´ll start spinning flat on a structered surface (35 x45 cm) before they metamorphoses into small butterflies, mate and end their life cycle peacefully.
These little silky buddies do not like to be disturbed much and are fully harmless.
They do not like germs and are quite fragile, so I basically need to look after them daily to make sure they have the right temp, humidity and a clean home. (And no they can not fly ones they´ll become butterfly moths.) If you are curios, I am happy to send you some links about raising silkworms etc.

SO this was short about me. I am wondering if anyone have questions and if you are all up for “Ett Levande Rum” or a Living corner somewhere at Blivande.

I would love to move in very soon!


Welcome home!!


Welcome Linda! I’m personally really stoked about the idea of “growing art”, as I myself studied biotechnology engineering and have dabbled in synthetic biology. I am personally really impressed by your art. I mean, look at this! Stunning.

I personally think that it would be really exciting to turn a room into a workshop and laboratory for living art. I’m envisioning silkworms, growing bio-synthetic textiles and potted flowers and plants that provide a renewable resource of beautiful petals. Perhaps someone experimenting with a vertical garden on one of the walls. Maybe it even somehow ties in with the beekeeping ambitions of @elch and @Thedodod? And you could then have your own desk and section of that room for your own work, while the rest of the room would be for other members who would like to try their hands at living art. It would also be quite an inspirational room to just sit in while doing other work.

There are two rooms that come to mind for me. One is the current “container project room” and the other is the current “painting room”. In practice, most painting is done in the big common workroom with the big tables, so I think it would be feasible to turn the corner room into one full of plants and life.

In the meantime, since Linda needs a place to vacate her Kombucha cultures and silkworms to in a hurry, I have said that at the very least she could keep it in the tiny storage room in the basement as it’s the smallest and perhaps easiest to heat control.

This is EXACTLY the sort of specialized expertise we should have in this house. <3


Welcome Linda! Sounds fascinating, can’t wait to learn more!


Hey Linda! It sounds super fascinating and I’m looking forward to meet both you (and the moth babies that I hope like to model for my camera once they turned into moths! :slight_smile:
Warm welcome!


Actually, @Simon just reminded me that there are some other discussions ongoing for the corner room, so the container project room might be the best option. :slight_smile:


Hi Linda. Welcome. I’m Frida working with Simon in the containervillsge with the Yellow BAM -maze-artprojekt.
The cornerroom is often used by almost all different Tau-memberships as a mon smelly focus-space.
I suggestiv the container-room is better to use for you, though The room is not used At all At the moment. I can help cleaning it out for You next week, IF everybody else is ok with You Using it?@hugi Let me know of so.
See You soon / Frida


I should be clear, that when I wrote “corner room” I did not mean the one with the big tables, AKA “Monteringsrummet”. I meant the “painting room” in the other corner. :slight_smile:

Definitely, the corner room with the big tables is not a place for more fixed desks.

Possible rooms I was proposing was either:

  1. The one named “Project”


  1. The one named “Painting”

What are your thoughts on those two options for a “living art” room? As I understand it, the “Project” room is probably a better option?

Thanks for the great welcome everyone!

I think either of those options would work, I have only visited once so I´m struggling a little to visualize the actual different room sizes and light coming in.
If we want to create a breathable corner with lot´s of nice plants and a green wall and for all to sometimes hang out in, I think the “painting” room looks optional, but hard to say.
Ideally it is big enough to share and now and again be able to spread out in the room when you are in the process of changing batches, checking the ongoing process or cleaning, without mixing things up with one another. Also a good daylight is what would make the rooms living plants and habitants happiest, many windows, but not all perhaps in direct sunlight and near a tap (thinking not the kitchen!) would be best.


This makes the “project” room a little bit better. Has big windows, but not direct sunlight, and it’s much closer to the nearest tap in the pillar room, next to the bathrooms. As I wrote before, I had forgotten that there have been some plans lately to move people around, so the painting room might not be a good option after all. I think the project room would be big enough! @hanakin has worked with her big textiles in the textile room, which is about the same size (perhaps even a bit smaller).

Either way, it’s best that the different options are worked out among the members that are using the space, so I will leave it to you to find a good option. :slight_smile:

OK Sounds good to me.
Let us wait and hear if any other comments.

Hey @LindaNurk , nice to read you. I’m Winnie from Glimps, a biodesign studio in the Edgeryders and Blivande ecosystem. We have a connected platform on bioart and biofabrication here. There’s plenty of interesting content there on the topic :slight_smile:

I see you’re considering to make a bio room in your community space. Cool! Are you planning to make it a shared space (like an open lab) or just your own workshop?


Hi Winnie, great to see you here!

As some of you already know, the Blivande forum is hosted by Edgeryders which is full of people doing cool stuff, so sometimes we might get some very welcome guests coming to cross-pollinate. :blush:

Would that mean that we’d need to temperature control an area in a container for the bees/worms?

Currently the plan is not a container, but a room at Blivande. If the “living art” lab would move into an insulated container later in the future, then yes.

Hey Winne, just fyi, both @LindaNurk and myself are visiting you in one week :smiley:


Oh, and then this shows up on the BioFab forum!

@Thedodod and @elch - experiments with bees and mycelia co-existing!


I had the feeling it was connected… Very cool! :slight_smile:

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Hi Winnie

Nice to meet you here!
As @jonasjohansson mentioned we will meet you the upcoming weekend;)
Looking forward to that!

RIght now I think the plan is a own corner in a room that can be shared by others, but we ´ll see :wink: