Introducing a forced futuristic artist

Hi! My name is Richard Wikström but I call myself “Pries Verhon” as a forced futuristic artist. I have written a art manifesto about it. My own work is usually digital art manipulated from other images:

I had my first art exhibition at Konsthall C this year (I highly recommend the venue).

The main idea about the concept is that it is rather hard to reach people with art. However, here in Sweden the authorities -has- to care. So I send the authoroties art in different ways; like books, usb sticks and such. I also invite people in charge to anti-rascist events. The authoroties basically has to stamp and accept the art even if they do not get it or even look close… I send them trailers to my feature films and so forth.

I will start on an example book next year with images and the method behind the digital art.


Happy to see you here! I’m curious to know, do you ever get any responses from the authorities?

Do you work mostly with images, prints and digital images? Or do you also do projections? My curiosity gets sparked. :slight_smile: In a way that’s another ‘forced’ art method – it could be cool to film a public building, feeding it through some psychedelic signal processing and projecting the image back on the house.

I actually got a response once. They made it clear that they would not attend my events… The main point is that they at least have to register my art and such. It works as a catalogue or portfolio… At times I also get my stuff back after a while. At times I demand it back and usually get it returned with stamps and very organized…

I work mostly digital. Some of the art is printed though. No projections - but I do plan to show my movie with a projector in the future. The movie has a popart vibe as well.

I like your idea - to do some live distortion and project it back. Surely a method exist…


Yesterday, December 4 -this- was turned in on USB along with other material:

We will see what happens next year.

If possible I would give a talk on this (say sometime when you have open mic).

I will bring a painting to illustrate in that case that can be kept at Noden until june 2020 or longer.

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Hello and welcome to the digital realm of Blivande!