Interface and making the platforms super easy

This topic is for clearing up the initial confusion in regards to the interface that will be used. With several platforms, we need to make it easy to orient oneself. Right now, it’s pretty confusing. I will post some thoughts below.

So, this is my interpretation of the interface as of now:

The Blivande forum:
(where we are now)

Here we can hold discussions in a more civilized manner than facebook etc. This is, so to speak, where we talk.


As I interpret the interface as of now, Hoffnung will be used to coordinate dreams, placement and timetable, which will also work as a sort of FOMO-guide. It can also be used as a site to source material, and to lend out shit you have that you don’t need. Am I right about this?

But the Hoffnung site should probably also be a sort of starting site for everything, I assume (and I assume this mostly because of how it looks as of now, and the potentiality of it). The start page should have VERY clear and easy-to-follow info on the different sites, how to register and use them, and what they are for. Together with a short description of the actual event. This should be on the starting page.

If we make the starting page of Hoffnung clear and easy to get, with links to the forum, a lot of the confusion we’re feeling right now will be erased.

Am I interpreting this right?

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Sounds very good to me! :slight_smile:

I suggest we scrap Hoffnung.


  1. We are not using any of the benefits of the platform. Why have people sign up?

  2. We have already established the form for Dreams, let’s push it, not add a new platform.

  3. It’s “complicated” to collaborate and set up the styling for Hoffnung. If you want to do anything special, it will take us extra time.

  4. Hoffnung is not really made for this, it’s a massive ship used to build an awesome lil’ boat. We can be lighter and swifter, and use something way more flexible.

Here are some collected links/overview.

Things that needs to be done, if we use Hoffnung:

The Hoffnung site needs more info. I can look into collecting info on the event etc. But I really don’t know anything about the techy stuff, so someone with more knowledge in that could perhaps write short, clear texts about the purpose and how-to of the different sites. Yes?

There is also a possibility for us to make an account for everyone who has bought tickets, and send them a mail with instructions, to make it even easier to access.

Since I don’t know the back stage area of all of this, and the original intention of Hoffnung, I can’t really say much about this. What I DO like about the site, is that it creates a clear view of what is happening, when, and where. Plus a place for sourcing material that is not a scream into the facebook void. This is something that has been lacking previous years. But there are obviously more than one way to do this.

I’m also thinking that it might be better to skip Hoffnung even though it sounds great in theory. But people will find UB through facebook and check the event description there first. Here, they will find the link to Hoffnung and hopefully click it to get all the other information including the link to this forum. Isn’t it more efficient to give all the info directly on facebook only? Otherwise its just a lot of work setting up Hoffnung without any gain.

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I like this forum though! Much better than a fb chat and less suspicious at work :stuck_out_tongue:

While I like the idea of a system like H3k I think we are too short on time to waste time having to use it when we can accomplish the same result with this forum + spreadsheets/google drive. I agree 100% with @jonasjohansson here.

Right now the indecision makes me wary of getting the placement process started because I don’t know where to start.

This is actually pretty nice!

Where will that site be? If we DON’T use Hoffnung or anything like it, we shouldn’t add another site URL anywhere. The info you posted there is great, but why not have it in a pinned post here in the forum?

I might misinterpret this though, I beg you pardon for my limited knowledge in IT etc… will point to it! Waiting for @sebastianj to help set that up!

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I WOULD like to hear @sebastianj 's two cents in this matter, since he has been working a lot with the Hoffnung-site.

That would work. Would love it if we could pimp it up a bit though. But that’s just cosmetics.

  1. Sebastian and I spoke about it, and agreed, and then both posted in the Facebook message group regarding this! He had no hard feelings about letting it go.

  2. It can be pimped, a little bit, by everyone. But right now, I think the focus is just CLARITY. We can easily make a custom lil’ site with all the fancy pants afterwards. But compare this to a completely black and white Hoffnung, which is the current state.

Agreed, clarity first. BUT a good pimping helps clarity and sparks interest. Maybe @AnjM can help out.

Great, agreed. Clarity first. Once we reach that, let’s chat about the looks :slight_smile:

Are you calling me a pimp dear Filip.

I can work on it, whatever’s needed.

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Let me just chime in for a tiny second about platforms. I think it is a mistake to not use either Hoffnung or Dreams. Let me explain why.

Your alternative to using Hoffnung or Dreams is to use a Google Form, like you’re doing now. This is fine if your goal is just to allow people to get money. But the truth is that access to funds is not the reason for why Dreams or Hoffnung were built in the first place.

In 2016, the original version of Dreams (still online!) did not even have a granting mechanism. It was, first and foremost, a way for people to make each other aware of what they were planning to create and how others could co-create with them. In my view, this is still the most important function of Dreams, even at the Borderland! Access to funding is only the incentive that drives engagement to the platform, which in turn makes the networks of co-creation denser and richer.

Hoffnung takes this a step further by also helping you along the way by suggesting ways in which you could co-create by sharing resources and spaces. In my view, this would really give rocket fuel to Urban Burn if implemented well.

A Google Form, in contrast, is much harder to interact with to get inspired. How do I, as a person without access to the backend, know what people are planning? How can I get involved?

This is your call, of course. I just thought I would chime in from the shadows, seeing that I have some insight into the history and philosophy of it all.

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