Ideas of marketing

Hey all!

Are there more people in our community interested in marketing and having ideas about how to spread the word about us?

I would love to get a small group together to work with the strategy, narrative and content for the house. If you are interested in joining, let me know and we will meet on zoom starting next week, everyone is welcome. If you don’t want to be in the group but still have ideas or input, message me or leave a comment <3

Let’s make our house known!


Yeah I would be up for that, as it stands I have a lot of material from the events that I have had there that can be used to help with marketing, they would need to be picked through to help construct a narrative that is preferable but they are excellent quality with more to come

These are events aimed material but we have a lot of static shots of the building etc. too

Would be great to chat.

// Ben




Who hides behind your avatar Simpykatt? :slight_smile:

Please add yourself to this list here.

Hej igen!Nu såg hur kan svara!Simona alltså
.Det gick inte trycka på den länken du skrev-here . ? pip!

@hampus : ?

This is so perfect!!! Exactly what we need :smiley:

When would be a good time to have a chat, are u around the house anytime this week?

Awesome!! When would be a good time for you to chat? Are you around the house anytime this week?

I think it’s this link Hampus means, it’s a list of who’s who on the forum, since a lot of people don’t go by their usual name :slight_smile:

Talked to Simpykatt last night after a Node meeting and we realized that the reason she can’t go to the link is that it’s in a restricted part of the forum. She solved it another way by updating her profile info through the ER forum. :slight_smile:

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Okej :slight_smile:

Hello @SofiaAnner and @hampus !Yes i wanna meet and talk about it. I can either on Thursday! Can you? Or when otherwhise! Also now when we speak again @hampus. I forgot, when we talked yesterday that i also have been interested in the blivande and the Other artpart . And had some questions already some months ago. Time went on…Good got reminded. We meet on friday little and maybe then also talk more about it!! Hugs hugs hugs superhugs and much love and take care and a splendid beautiful day💝

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Thursday sounds great to me! Maybe 13 at Blivande?

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Aa!! :gift_heart:. Yes! I come There then and meet u!! Great ! Have a beautiful day ! :gift_heart:

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The first marketing-get-together will be at 13 o’clock, 26 of mars in the blue room upstairs at Blivande.

See you there!

Great, I’ll be there!

Hey Sofia,

I dont suppose we can move this to either later in the day or another day. I just remembered I have a Swedish lesson that day at 13 oclock :sweat_smile:

There has been a change of time so the meeting tomorrow will be at 14 o’clock instead!

@Simpykatt I dont have your contact outside of the forum, I hope you see this in time and will be able to join us at 14 instead! :slight_smile:

Hello Sofia,

I have some bad news. I went to Blivande this morning assuming people would be working there (probably my fault for assuming) I could not get into the building to work and had to go home. It is a 2 hour round trip for me and with this mornings failure I simply don’t have the time to make the trips again this afternoon. If you zoomed me in that could work for 30 mins but if not I will have to make the next one or we could meet another day for a fika and talk about it all if you take notes from todays meet?

// Ben

Too bad! There were people in or near the house, Dan at his office upstairs and Bob & Nina out by the square. Always check the backside around Tau as well.