Ideas for art at Frihamnstorget

This is a thread for ideas to bring art to Frihamnstorget.

After Burning Man 2019 is over, we should try to get some of the art to Frihamnstorget through the Burning Man Civic Arts program and Global Art Grants program.


We should look into if we can use our contacts with Machines de I’lle and borrow something from their collection, perhaps funding transport with a grant.


I’m talking to artist Rasmus Norberg about getting one of his pieces on loan.

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@hampus, you had recently been to a junkyard that had a lot of art. Could you reach out to them?

On Monday I’m meeting Robert to discuss if he wants to do something at Frihamnstorget.ärleken-är-en-plats

1 Like - his Taurus statue seen here:
He has a bunch of nice animal statues.


Patrik Qvist (local artist with studio in Frihamnen, knows about and likes us. He’s calling me back tomorrow):

Art pieces at Sörab/Stockby recycling center (Lidingö) mentioned by Hugi above:

Article mentions names of artists and features some pictures.

brilliant. maybe Typhane has some ideas on this? Anyone touch base with her regarding it? @hugi

Not yet. I’m thinking we should wait until BM is over?

Amanda Larsson is an artist and architect working primarily for children, who is interested in building something here. @Linnea met her today and knows more


I just found out about this guy:

I like his work! He also did a nice tunnel recently so can work big scale as well:

It was a quick meeting but she is pumped. She hasn’t come back to me with anything specific, but spoke about a possible podium in concrete and mosaic, she left saying she’s gonna invest some time into finding grants to fund possible work. Yesterday she sent me links to two different grants that one could apply for which could be interesting for us.
Deadline 31 aug–garantier/utvecklingsbidrag-till-ungdomsverksamhet-i-allmanna-samlingslokaler/
Deadline 1 dec–garantier/allmanna-samlingslokaler—investeringsbidrag/


Johan Lundborg is up for painting the outside of M. He can do it before 21st. We will decide on a colour palette together, he will send sketches to us soon.

This is the side he will paint:

@Nicke Maybe your friend wanna paint the inside of the same container?

I have some awards that can be placed in containers or somewhere…

Awards? Do tell. :slight_smile:

A few years back when I got my university degree I found some awards outside. Basically CD´s as artworks in glass and all that - the CD´s had sold quite a lot and someone had just thrown them away. I have around 4 or 5 (?) that I basically just modified with nail polish and other stuff.

Some of these awards, modfified as forced futuristic art could be placed somewhere.

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