I would like to book the Studio this week

Also, I have four large frames to build and stretch, so I will need all of the floor of the project room for the week, just a heads up to everyone. So it’s even more so important that we all help to keep that room cleared so people can come in and work on a new project without having to start with a cleaning project first, rn it has turned into a storage space.

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Do you really need all the floor space for this project? That is more easily said than made possible for this week. You can’t build and stretch two frames at a time? Moving them out when they are finished?

Make sure to coordinate with @Alex.Colard

yes i need all the floor, but we have already helped to clear it together

yes we have coordinated, and I will also book the week after, so that alex can work there a bit into next week, my project is taking longer than predicted because of RCA, we made an agreement between us @Alex.Colard and I