I would like to book the Studio this week

Also, I have four large frames to build and stretch, so I will need all of the floor of the project room for the week, just a heads up to everyone. So it’s even more so important that we all help to keep that room cleared so people can come in and work on a new project without having to start with a cleaning project first, rn it has turned into a storage space.

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Do you really need all the floor space for this project? That is more easily said than made possible for this week. You can’t build and stretch two frames at a time? Moving them out when they are finished?

Make sure to coordinate with @Alex.Colard

yes i need all the floor, but we have already helped to clear it together

yes we have coordinated, and I will also book the week after, so that alex can work there a bit into next week, my project is taking longer than predicted because of RCA, we made an agreement between us @Alex.Colard and I


I would like to book the studio 11-12 November <3

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Consider it booked!

I will need the studio also on friday the 13:th. Hope that works.:pray:

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It does!

Soon we will have a new and much better membership system that will make the booking of the studio a much smoother experience for everyone.

We book the studio 18-19 november (the 19 to 17:00)
Frida& Simon

For those membrers who have stuff in studio, please empty so We can work :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’s not okay to store things in the studio space anymore without checking first in this thread. :slight_smile:

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Sorry couldnt find anywhere i could book, was shown yesterday. From now on i will always book a few days ahead in this awesome booking thread

Hi I have talked to Frida and Co and changed the booking so ill use the space tmrw the 20th and 21st and 22nd of November the whole day and then take away my stuff in the evening.

If im not in the room feel free to use it :slight_smile:

Have a beautiful day.


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Hi guys.
Next week I want to book the studio room Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday the 25th.
From early morning to late evening. The studio will be clean the early morning of 26th
// Simon

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Can I book the studio space also today the 23rd?

I just need 1/2 the room. So if anyone needs half the space feel free.

I will be at blivande from around 13.00

All the love,

Yo. Were suppose to be in today and photograph in the studio but have to cancel today because of health reasons.
I’ll keep my scheduled booking tomorrow but feel free to use the studio today…
/ Simon

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can I book the studio from tonight the 25th-28th around 14.00??

All the love/