How to organize the Noden forum

Hi everyone! Soon, the Loomio page will be moved here to the Blivande forum, which is great. BUT, we need to decide on how the forum should be organized, to make it as efficient and clear as possible, both to old members and new curious peers.

Here is a strategy that the communication crew has formulated, with certain contact with the Board:

  • One category called “Noden: Community”. This category is open for anyone to read, but only monthly donors can participate in the discussions. This is the primary part of the forum for any discussions. One pinned discussion thread at the top will be open for anyone to participate in, so that curious non-members can ask questions.
  • One subcategory called “Noden: The Board”. This subcategory is closed to anyone (both to read and to write) but the Board, and will be used for sensitive information etc.
  • One subcategory called “Noden: Communication crew”. This subcategory is open to read for everyone, but closed for participation to the communication crew.

This means that all important discussions is held in the big category, and more specific, sensitive discussions is held in the board subcategory or in the comteam subcategory. Anyone can see the general (non-sensitive) discussions and what’s going on in the community, and if you have questions, there’s an open thread for non-members pinned at the top.

Please comment if you feel this strategy to be too complicated or if you think that there are better ways to organize it etc.


Sounds great. Good job!!!

Ping other board members for heads up asap.

@SimianSon @Joannis-Magnus @ubbesen @Zahra

Ah, this is unfortunately not possible. Rights to post are set on a category level and exceptions cannot be made on a post level. So for the open part, we need to back to the drawing table.

I think the open communication channel will be quite important. For example, we could have workshop proposals posted to a form like this, with the form generating an account for the person who fills it in and posting it in a thread like this. This has the benefit of crowdsourcing discussion about new workshops and finding synergies between people from the start. But that requires an open category.

Honestly, I don’t see the problem with keeping the “Noden: Community” category completely open, as long as some of us are ready to do some moderating. I think the problem we solve by closing it to only members is a fictional one (that hundreds of people will suddenly storm the forum to troll us). I might be wrong though.

What we want to avoid is several categories, and the confusion of in which to post ones questions.

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I agree. But actually, come to think of it there is one more path we could take: Non-members can reply to threads but not start new threads. That might be a good middle ground.

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Sounds good to me!

Some people might feel more strongly about the locked concept though, we might need some more comments from the board?

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@noden-board, say the word and I will make it so.

you have my green flag :smiley:

When will this be implemented?

If we don’t need any more board input, I can implement it tonight.

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It’s done. Noden members can request access to the closed group by going here and clicking “Request” once they’ve signed up for the forum.

@filipnystrom and @DianaMO - you are owners of the Noden Communication group and can add members to it by going here:


Would it be possible to move the Afterglow-thread to the community category, so that people don’t get confused?

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